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Harness Buying Guide

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Harness Buying GuideThis Harness Buying Guide will explore a few areas to consider when you are shopping for a dog harness. You’ll find Harness Styles, Sizing Variations, and recommended rating and reviews for online shopping.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin Leash and Harness use on a routine basis be sure to:

  1. Ensure proper fit,
  2. Socialize your pet with the harness (gradually increasing the time you spend wearing the harness) , and
  3. Use positive reinforcement practice/training so you are both familiar with the behaviors before the longer walk or exercise routine.

Harness Styles

There are a few styles […]

Dog Walk Run Safety Guide

2017-03-21T10:58:44-05:00Categories: Goldens Health, Training & Tips, Wisteria Goldens Blog|Tags: , , , |

dog walk run safety guide - SailorThis article will explore the basics of a Walk Run Safety routine. Warming up, distance, preparation, commands, and the leader's (you or your dog walker service) responsibilities. It is important to review the sections as they apply to your dog. If you have a dog walker/runner taking your dog for walks ask about these areas of care and how the service addresses each of them.

The safety of our pets is paramount. Health is important, exercise is part of a healthy pet's lifestyle, and large breed dogs […]

Teething Puppy Training Guide

2017-02-23T08:59:10-05:00Categories: Goldens Health, Training & Tips, Wisteria Goldens Blog|Tags: , , , , , , |

teething puppyPuppies are born without teeth. Their baby teeth will gradually come in, they will gradually lose them as their permanent teeth come in. Similar to a human baby but, the process takes a bit less time. The timeline varies. […]

5 Books Every Puppy Owner

2018-12-14T11:33:55-05:00Categories: Resources, Training & Tips, Wisteria Goldens Blog|Tags: , |

5 Books every puppy owner needsIf a puppy owner was stranded on an island… We believe these are the 5 books every puppy owner needs.

Kidding aside, we have been gathering resources for English Cream Golden Retriever puppy and dog owners for many years. We share our experiences and our tips on training, nutrition, transitions, essential oils, and the bonds we build with our Wisteria Goldens' families. […]

Welcoming Home your new English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

2017-02-21T08:57:53-05:00Categories: Training & Tips, Wisteria Goldens Blog|Tags: , , |

Welcoming Home Puppy Guide Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever puppy training, tips, Welcoming Home Safety

We love security! You are welcoming home a new English Cream Golden Retriever puppy. Although he has been introduced to the crate, now is the time to begin formal crate training. He’s accustomed to running on the ranch, and depending on the time of year and age, introduced to our […]

New Puppy Perfect Name

2016-11-22T05:51:29-05:00Categories: Birth to Home Series, Getting Lifestyle Right, Training & Tips, Wisteria Goldens Blog|Tags: , , , , , , |

new puppy perfect nameOne of the countless questions I hear from new puppy owners is “How do we decide on a perfect name for our new puppy?” There are many great and fun ways to discover your new puppy's perfect name. I’ve gathered together our Top Five ways to discover your new puppy's perfect name. We would love to hear your ideas as well. Please leave a comment in the box below with your idea.

The avenues to discover the perfect name for your new puppy are numerous. These are a few to spark […]

Companion Service Dogs Children With Autism

2016-11-10T05:40:52-05:00Categories: Training & Tips, Wisteria Goldens Blog|Tags: , , , |

Help us make some noise about the Good Dog Autism Dog Training campaign to get the word out.The Good Dog! project, Companion Service Dogs for Children With Autism, has been testing and implementing remarkable possibilities. After discovering how much their own child improved, when he received his first companion dog, they couldn't wait to make a difference for other children with autism.  The experience has been life changing for at least 16 more children with autism.

They have helped to improve the quality of life for […]

Puppy Photo Tips for Getting a Great Shot

2016-11-04T12:26:26-05:00Categories: Training & Tips, Wisteria Goldens Blog|Tags: , , |

This puppy photo tips page was created because we take lots of puppy photos around here and trying to get good ones can be challenging. I need to create a photo album of all the “outtakes.” When taking six-week pictures sometimes I have over 200 photos just to get 4 good pictures of 8 puppies! We have learned a few tricks for capturing good ones, but it does require a bit of patience, something that Billy has more of than me.

Taking pictures of English Creme Goldens is even more challenging due to […]

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