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Routine Combing for Dogs and Healthy Coats


Routine Combing for Dogs -- Piper Wisteria GoldensRoutine Combing for Dogs and Healthy Coats

We have explored the benefits of providing regular coat grooming and the importance of understanding how to care for your dog’s coat during shedding season (click here to review our previous article). A holistic view of grooming (diet, exercise, not over bathing, and routine brushing/combing) is essential to ensure a healthy coat. Today’s article will expand on the topic with suggestions for providing a twice a week routine to brush and/or comb your dog’s coat.

Routine Combing for Dogs — Tools Suggested

Tangle Remover Solution (reduces static, assists in removing tangled and matted fur, and conditions the coat).

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Training Playtime


Training PlaytimeTraining, socialization, and positive experiences can all be incorporated into a puppy’s training playtime. Playtime is an important part of your puppy’s routine. It is important to be mindful of the training tips even while playing.

Playtime is a great time to show consistency in positive training. Socialization skills she has learned will begin to blossom during playtime as well.

Training Playtime and Socialization

Playtime is more casual than training time yet it is a perfect time to introduce socialization skills which expand your puppies experiences through touch (texture, toys, and people), sound (clicker, music, or toys), as well as other new experiences for her senses.

Introduce one new experience at a time and be watchful for her reaction. The main thing (as discussed in other socialization posts) is […]

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Gradually Switch to Life’s Abundance Dog Food


Gradually Switch to Life's Abundance Dog FoodI have had many questions about the Life Abundance Dog food in reply to my “What Are You Feeding Your Pet?” post. The number one question is how do I switch?

Gradually Switch to Life's Abundance Dog Food

I recommend you gradually switch whenever changing any dog food. Here the recommended guideline to ensure a smooth transition:

LgPuppySmDay 1 – 2: Feed 1/4 Life's Abundance and 3/4 of the old diet.

Day 3 – 4: Feed 1/2 Life's Abundance and 1/2 of the old diet.

Day 5 – 6: Feed 3/4 Life's Abundance and 1/4 of the old diet.

Day 7: The transition period is over and you can feed the recommended amount of Life's Abundance.

If you […]

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Are Dog Treats Just Bribery?


are dog treats just briberyWARNING for English Cream Golden Retriever Dog Owners: Are Dog Treats Just Bribery? People use treats when they train their dog, especially their English Cream Golden Retriever, to behave in a particular way or with a particular response. Some people think this is bribery and others think it is rewarding their behavior.

Are Dog Treats Just Bribery?

There is a difference between bribery and reward.

  1. Bribery occurs in the heat of the moment when you want your dog to behave a certain way and you “bribe” to get the correct behavior. It is a type of manipulation.
  2. A reward (treat) is a tool to reinforce appropriate behavior and a way for the dog to recognize “yes, that is what I am […]
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Latchkey Dog Day Care and Boarding


Latchkey Dog Day Care and BoardingTop Questions to Ask About Safe Dog Boarding Services

There may be times when the family isn’t able to take the family pet with them during a holiday or when the day’s activities keep family members away at unusually long intervals. When your pet needs daycare or overnight boarding services be sure to ask these important questions to ensure the service is qualified and prepared to provide safe and healthy care for your dog.

For short routine absences consider electronic pet monitoring.  Be sure to explore the customer reviews. There are some amazing reviews and some cautions regarding device compatibility as well.

First determine the level of care you will need.

  1. In Home Pet Sitter,
  2. Daycare (outside of your home), or
  3. Overnight […]
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English Cream Golden Retriever Language


IMG_2443-1024x768We are painfully aware sometimes that the communication we want, need, and really do require to keep our pets happy does not happen in human words. We use human words to speak to them but they cannot reciprocate with human words. There’s only one option: you’ve got to learn to speak their language, be that Pekinese, Boxer, Golden, or Chihuahua.

English Cream Golden Retriever Language Training Tips

Dog language is a matter of silent movements. You have to learn to watch their ears, tails, fur, and the sounds they make. One of my assistants has cats and her cat stands beside her office chair and makes a very distinct sound that means “Stand up, and go over to that door and open it. I want to go outside.” […]

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Why Dogs Fear Noises


loud noiseWhat was that loud noise? We’ve all seen dogs whimper, tremble, or dive under the bed or hide in the closet when the fireworks go off on the 4th of July, or when there is a thunderstorm. You might never know why he or she has become afraid of such loud noises. Dogs have very sensitive ears and they might hurt. It could be separation anxiety along with the noise. You can do something to lessen his fear. If you don’t step in and make things better, they might become even worse.

There are two – shall we say “normal” – behaviors for when a dog becomes frightened because of a loud noise: trying to escape and run away, or, doing something […]

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Service Dogs Selection Training and Communication


service dog selection training and communicationThe difference between a service dog and a companion dog is primarily training. A companion dog can potentially have only a basic training background. He or she will have a natural ability to be a companion, friend, and help with small daily tasks.

A service dog will have specialized training for the job he or she is assigned. The variety of service dog training options has become as varied as people who need them.

Service Dog Checklist

When you need a service dog the important things to remember are:

  • Select a dog with a natural ability to learn the skills he will need to perform the job.

For many service dog jobs golden retrievers are used because […]

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Dr Sarah Door Darting


Dr Sarah’s video about Door Darting is a great resource for training a dog Door darting is common if your dog has an adventurous spirit and often takes you on a game of chase, while you are trying to get to work or an appointment.

This video Dr Sarah Door Darting includes tips to help you to keep your pet safe despite her motivation for door darting.

Dr Sarah Door Darting

Dr Sarah’s video about Door Darting is a great resource for training a dog who wants to rush through the door when it is opened.Related Topics:

14 Basic On Cue Behaviors List Dog Training Commands

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Should You Shave Your Golden Retriever?


 should you shave your goldenEach summer I receive many emails from families asking about “shaving” their Golden Retriever. Should you shave your golden?

I did some research and found there is a risk of changing their coat when shaving them. It could either grow back thicker or not grow back properly at all. This is due to the double-coat that Golden Retrievers have.

If your Golden Retriever swims a lot and the hair stays wet creating hot spots, then this is a risk you might want to take, but most hot spots are eliminated when feeding a high-quality food, such as Life's Abundance, that does not have wheat or corn, the highest allergens to Golden Retrievers.

Should you shave your golden?

Some people want to […]

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