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Previous Puppies Photo Gallery

Welcome to Wisteria Goldens Previous Puppies photo gallery.

This is where we have gathered our English Cream Golden Retriever Previous Puppy Litter Pages and #Hashtags for each litter. You'll find each litter's six-week playtime video (for 2015 litters forward), as well as available pictures on the Litter Pages. The photo gallery spans over a decade of puppies we have welcomed into our Wisteria Ranch family. Beginning in 2015 and forward we have a larger online album than previous years.

Note: Please let me know if a litter has not been listed in our Previous Puppies Photo Gallery yet. Thank you for understanding.

There are two ways to locate previous puppies in the gallery. Puppy's Year of Birth (Litters Born 2006-2014) or Puppy's Year of Birth and Parent's Names (for Litters Born 2015 forward).

When was your puppy born?

Gallery Home Page:

  • For 2006-2014 litters: Please click on the year of birth201420132012201120102009200820072006
  • For 2015 litters and forward: Please scroll this page to the year of birth, and then click on the litter page link.

Litter Mate Update

To share photos with the families of your puppy's litter…

Post a picture on Instagram and include two tags.


and, Your Litter Hashtag (2015-2018 litter hashtags are listed below).

If your puppy's litter is not between 2015-current you can create your own hashtag. These #Hashtags are created with 1. Mother's Name and 2. Two-Digit Month Day Year. Here is an Example: #piper052918 is Piper Litter Born 05/29/18 leaving out the slash ( / ) symbols so the hashtag will not break.


Photo Album: Litters born 2018

01-07-2018 Sunny/Ego #sunny010718

04-01-2018 Breeze/Ego #breeze040118

05-29-18 Piper/Ego #piper052918

06-05-2018 Sailor/Ego #sailor060518

07-31-2018 Jazz/Chance #Jazz073118

08-06-2018 Promise/Ego #promise080618

08-11-2018 Sunny/Tahoe #sunny081118


Photo Album: Litters born 2017

2-17-2017 Piper-Ego #piper021717

5-08-2017 Sunny-Tahoe #sunny050817

5-08-2017 Sailor-Ego #sailor050817

5-14-2017 Jazz-Ego #jazz051418

8-08-2017 Breeze-Ego #breeze080817

9-28-2017 Piper-Ego #piper092817

11-17-2017 Sailor-Chance #sailor111717

11-24-2017 Angel-Chance #angel112417

12-03-2017 Jazz-Ego #jazz120317


Photo Album: Litters born 2016

We have 12 litters in the 2016 previous puppy photo album.

1-25-16 Holly-Thor #holly012516

1-29-16 Angel-Ego #angel012916

1-30-16 Sunny-Ego #sunny013016

4-20-16 Aria-Thor #aria042016

5-4-16 Breeze-Ego #breeze050416

5-20-16 Halo-Ego #halo052016

6-26-16 Piper-Ego #piper062616

10-10-16 Sunny-Thor #sunny101016

10-19-16 Jazz-Ego #jazz101916

10-24-16 Sailor-Ego #sailor102416

12-12-16 Breeze-Ego #breeze121216

12-19-16 Halo-Ego #halo121916


Previous Puppies 2015 

Aria/Ego  (01-25-2015) #aria012515

Halo/Ego (04-08-2015) #halo040815

Angel/Ego (04-27-2015) #angel042715

Sunny/Ego (06-04-2015) #sunny060415

Holly/Thor (06-12-2015) #holly061215

Harmony/Thor (06-13-2015) #harmony061315

Aria/Thor (10-24-2015) #aria102415

Halo/Ego (10-26-2015) #halo102615

Breeze/Ego (10-29-2015) #breeze102915

Piper/Ego (11-02-2015) #piper110215

Harmony/Thor (12-30-2015) #harmony123015

Hashtags are created with Mother's Name and Two-Digit Month Day Year Example #piper052918 is Piper Litter Born 05/29/18 leaving out the slash ( / ) symbols so the hashtag will not break.