blog post wisteria goldens 5 books every puppy owner needs5 Books Every Puppy Owner Needs

If a puppy owner was stranded on an island… We believe these are the 5 books every puppy owner needs.

Kidding aside, we have been gathering resources for English Cream Golden Retriever puppy and dog owners for many years. We share our experiences and our tips on training, nutrition, transitions, essential oils, and the bonds we build with our Wisteria Goldens’ families.

Raising your puppy and dog training books provide information just like parenting books – everyone has an opinion and some of them differ.  The recommended books have the same type of training concepts, but some of their approaches are different.  When reading and learning, see what fits your personality and your puppy’s.

We always recommend positive reinforcement and building a relationship with your puppy.  We feel that raising your puppy to be a confident happy dog, is the same as bringing up your child to be a well-adjusted adult – rules that are fair and everyone understands, love, consistency, praise, and reward.

5 Books Every Puppy Owner Needs

Over the years we have discovered 5 favorite books and we would encourage every pet owner to have them on hand. The following books are available on Amazon.

1. Good Owners, Great Dogs, by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson:

2. How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With, by Clarice Rutherford & David H Neil:

3. Before & After Getting Your Puppy, by Dr. Ian Dunbar:

4. Puppy Primer, by Patricia McConnell:

5. If Dog’s Prayers Were Answered, Bones Would Rain from the Sky, by Suzanne Clothier:

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