teething puppyPuppies are born without teeth. Their baby teeth will gradually come in, they will gradually lose them as their permanent teeth come in. Similar to a human baby but, the process takes a bit less time. The timeline varies.

At Wisteria Goldens our puppies go to their forever homes at 8 weeks old. They will, generally speaking, still be going through the baby teeth process at that time and for a few to several months off and on.

Teething Puppy Training Overview

While puppies are getting their baby teeth and/or their permanent adult teeth they will experience discomfort and a bit of irritability. They will exhibit increasing chewing time; will often test various toys (different firmness and textures) to find the best relief (which may change day by day depending on the stage of teething she is experiencing). She will often appreciate suitable chew treats, if you make them available, to assist her in reducing the discomfort.

Teething Nipping and Biting Puppy Training GuideTeething Puppy Training Treats

We recommend the following Training Treats/Chew Bones

Buffalo sticks, porky puffs, and a supply of Food.

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Life’s Abundance
Buffalo Bully Sticks

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Life’s Abundance
Porky Puffs

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Although it has become popular we recommend no rawhide be used as a chew toy or teething relief treat. These have a high choking risk even if you are supervising. They are high in fat and become slippery when wet giving your puppy less control over chewing and swallowing.

Teething Nipping and Biting Puppy Training GuideTeething Puppy Training Veterinary Visits

In addition to appropriate toys, chew treats, and specific timeline of the teething process for the breed of your puppy, be sure to have your puppy’s teeth checked each time she visits the vet. Preventative and Early Signs of problems will give you a head start and prevent problems in chewing and complete oral health in adulthood.

Teething Puppy Training Toys Should Be Toys

It is important to incorporate the tips included our Basic Training series “Nipping and Biting Puppy Training Guide” in the “Toys Should Be Toys” section as well.

Teething Nipping and Biting Puppy Training GuideTeething Puppy Training Checklist

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Do make sure each toy you provide is safe and treats are healthy

Do educate yourself on the timeline for the whole process regarding teething

Do include teeth examinations with your routine veterinary appointments

Do praise and reward your puppy for chewing on the items you provide for chewing[/one_half]

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Don’t give a puppy anything he or she would not be able to maintain chewing and swallowing control (rawhide gets slippery for example), and

Don’t give your puppy old shoes or old socks because your puppy cannot tell the difference between an old sock or a new one, an old shoe or your favorite new (or broken in just right) shoe.


Click here for information about how to use essential oils for calming puppies during the stress of teething.

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