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English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Happy Families - Wisteria Goldens English Golden Retriever Puppy Update Showcase
We would love to hear from you!

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies and their Happy Wisteria Goldens Families tell us about their puppy’s everyday delights, In-Training progress, or special achievements.

To submit an update fill out the form here and then, we will add your puppy’s update to our website and to our Facebook Community Album. We need their Name (Mother/Father), picture, and a description. Also include any achievements, training program(s) progress, and/or certification title(s).

All submissions will be available below. The submissions with Achievements in the description will also be posted on our English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Achievements Showcase here.

Happy Families Submissions

Finn (Piper/Ego)


english cream golden retriever, Happy Families, puppy updates, testimonials, wisteria goldensFinn is now 9 months old and a wonderful addition to our family. He has certainly grown up to be very handsome, and a strapping 78 pounds already. He loves everyone, and is doing great in obedience classes. We are so happy to have found Wisteria Golden’s and Finn!

Finn (Piper/Ego)2019-03-29T12:27:25-05:00

Brie (Zoey/Harley)


Eight Weeks (Purple Girl) Comparison to Brie Now. She is now Six Years Eight Months!

Brie (Zoey/Harley) #zoey072813 Purple Girl at Eight Weeks Brie (Zoey/Harley) #zoey072813 Purple Girl at Eight Weeks (click here to see the Previous Puppy Gallery)

Brie (Zoey/Harley) #zoey072813 Purple Girl at Six Years 8 Months Brie (Zoey/Harley) #zoey072813 Purple Girl at Six Years 8 Months

Brie is going to be seven this year! She’s still the sweetest pup we’ve ever met! She is always eager to please everyone! With the first call she’s running for us! She absolutely loves all pups, big and small, but especially her big sis Lola (from a litter). Seven years have flown by and Brie is still just precious […]

Brie (Zoey/Harley)2019-03-18T14:08:05-05:00

Gryff (Keeva/Chance)


happy families Wisteria Goldens Gryff Happy Families Wisteria Goldens GryffGryff is 10 weeks old and 17.5 lbs! He is happy and healthy and we are loving him. Been a long time since we had a toddler in the house. 😃 he keeps us hoppin. Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Gryff (Keeva/Chance)2019-03-17T17:36:26-05:00

Tank ( Holly/ Thor )


Happy Family Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

Tank is doing great just turned 3 on 1/25/16 loves playing and going on walks both in
Cincinnati & Hilton Head SC.
I cannot tell how many times people tell Donna & I how beautiful he is and wants to
Know where we got him.

Hopefully, many of them reach out to you and were able to get them a dog which is
So well trained before they picked him up.
Debbie, I cannot tell you how awesome he is I take him EVERYWHERE with me
Basketball Practice / Home Depot / Etc. He my BEST BUDDY.
I hope all is well in Arkansas and will be sending updated picture to you soon !!!!
God Bless,
Rock & Donna & Tank

Tank ( Holly/ Thor )2019-03-18T14:13:04-05:00

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