Calming Support for Pets : Tips and Tools

Calming Support for Pets

Tips and Tools

Our pets are aware of their environment by utilizing all of their senses. They are aware of any uncertainty, shifts in routine, or changes in mood their pet parents are experiencing. We have put together some Calming Support Tips and Tools for pets. These will help families actively engage in calming exercises, with their pets, which encompass calming your pet’s senses, and may promote serenity for both humans and their fur baby/adult companions.

The senses of your pet are heightened, so you may possibly notice more intense responses during the day (or night), during times of uncertainty. They are aware of your mood, your concerns, and changes in routine.

Feeding and Sleeping

You, or members of your human family, may be experiencing a shift in time spent at home with your pet. So, it is understandable that some routines your dog has been accustomed to, are going to shift as well. To help your pet adjust to the ‘new normal’ the first tip is to keep as many of the routines, previously practiced, as close as possible. Especially in the area of feeding time and sleep times. You may add a ‘snack’ time to the routine as well, but try to keep feeding and sleeping times consistent with the new situation. This way, when the uncertainty is passed, and the regular routine resumes, at least feeding and sleeping have been consistent throughout.

Calm in the Air

We use Essential Oils for our dogs in a variety of ways to support them in various situations. One way is using a diffuser. We have provided several blog posts. These are a couple we thought would be helpful at this time.

Essential Oils Support Dogs Naturally

Serenity Anxiety Support


In uncertain times we may be listening to the news more often and being home with our pets (in contrast to being away a few hours a day) can affect our mood and our pets are sensing this. Plan time away from uncommon sounds (maybe even use an earbud and watch online news). Plan to provide soothing sounds as well, which can also be a calming addition to your mood as well as your pet’s. You can choose from the music you like as well as pet-specific options we have provided here: More Than Music Therapy for Dogs

Our Pets Love Affection

Spending cuddle time is a must when you are in transitions that change the routines in your home. This reminds your pet you are in the moment (where they live constantly) and are appreciative of their presence and support. We have a couple of blog posts below to share about affection time, massage time, and grooming. Each has a variety of senses involved for your pet and can be beneficial for overall well being for pet parents as well.

Be Generous Showing your Dog Affection

Pet Massage Demonstration with Dr. Sarah

Coat Care

Paw Care Part One

Paw Care Part Two

In addition to the tips and tools above, explore each of these areas of your pet’s routine supplements as well.

  • · Build on Socialization Training
  • · Provide your pet easy access to his “safe place”
  • · Be supportive and understanding.
  • · Be attentive (massage, essential oils, a comforting blanket, or favorite toy).

Let us know any way we can support you in comforting your pet during transitions and changes in your household routine. Join the conversation on our Facebook Community Discussion here: Wisteria Goldens on Facebook

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