Puppy House Training GuidePuppies are most easily house trained when we take the lead, prevent accidents (by close observation and limited roaming), and praise for positive behaviors. The most common error in house training is the belief a punishment for accidents is effective.

The truth is a puppy lives in the present moment all of the time. He is unable to connect a few moments ago with the current interaction with you. Correction needs to be kind, in the moment, and accompanied by redirection and praise.

House Training Success

For a correction to be meaningful, you must catch your pup in the act. Use a strong voice and say NO or UH-UH sweep him/her up in your arms and take her out immediately! Praise your puppy when going outside — “reward” their good behavior using positive reinforcement.

House Training Routine

A routine of taking your puppy outside will work wonders for your long term success. Anticipation and attentiveness, especially until your puppy begins communicating with you, will give your puppy ample opportunities for her to potty in the proper place.

House Training Checklist

Timing and routine are key factors for house training your puppy. Take her outside regularly. If you are regularly busy and overlook the passing of time, a timer system may be helpful for you.

Take your puppy out right away:

  • * In the morning
  • * After mealtime
  • * Before and after playtime
  • * Before and after grooming time
  • * Before and after training routine
  • * Before and after traveling to an appointment
  • * Before bedtime

When you are busy it may help to set your timer for regular intervals throughout the day and take her outside.

House Training Process

Establish a routine for success. House training is a process of providing opportunities and rewarding positive behaviors. We can help her avoid house training accidents by providing supervision and taking the leadership role to establish a positive routine. Reward her as if she had chosen it and when she actually does communicate praise her enthusiastically.

Our dogs are consistently thinking about pleasing us. Be sure they know exactly how to do this and they will have positive behaviors consistently as well.

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