English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies at Wisteria Goldens.

“Raised as part of our family until they become part of yours.”

We focus on raising quality, happy, healthy Golden Retriever puppies at Wisteria Goldens. We’ve had Golden Retrievers for many years but found and fell in love with the English Goldens in 2004. What is an English Cream Golden Retriever? (Read the answer to this common question here: English Cream Golden Retriever)

The relationship between a potential new family member and us is special. Our website includes information about us, our facility and Golden Retrievers, and how we raise our puppies with our Foundational Start program. Our program has years of experience working with veterinarians, trainers, and training programs.

We love that our program has allowed our families to achieve a wonderful companion dog and, in many cases, a service and therapy dog working with them. Many of our families return for another puppy, as they are “the best dog ever.” We have received the highest compliment by being recommended by veterinarians and members of our Wisteria Goldens families.

“I have worked as a veterinary hospital manager for nine years and have had the privilege of working with Wisteria Goldens!  I have personally been to their facility, and the cleanliness and loving environment blows me away every single time.  We love that they are family-owned and truly LOVE and CARE about every single one of their dogs.  The amount of veterinary care and health testing to ensure they meet quality standards is second to none.”
Emma Smith – Hospital Manager

We are in the River Valley of Arkansas, surrounded by hills and woods on 64 acres, with 10 acres dedicated to our Goldens. Plus have a beautiful pond for our Goldens to swim.

We meet most of our families in Dallas (DFW) that fly in from all over the country, coast to coast, from Alaska to Maine. We’ve even had a few of our puppies go to Puerto Rico and Mexico.

We raise our English Golden Retrievers in the comforts of a home environment. We built a dog home, we call the Wisteria Golden Lodge with a bedroom, kitchen, and living room they share with us humans. While their environment, food quality, vitamins, love, and care are essential for providing families with a well-balanced socialized puppy, health is a priority. We complete health testing before breeding, including genetic DNA testing of Ichthyosis (ICT-A), PRA, PRA-1, and PRA-2. As genetic testing progresses, some of our younger dogs will have DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). Our complete panel of tests includes health tests for the heart, eye, and elbows, and we do PennHip testing for their hips.

Wisteria Goldens are loving, loyal, intelligent, and affectionate – the “true” qualities of the English Cream Golden Retriever!

We know getting a puppy is adding a family member, and it’s an important decision, which is why we feel they are part of our family until they become part of yours.

Our English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies are raised as part of our family,

until they become part of yours!

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Wisteria Goldens Ranch Doggy Daze featuring Billy and Sugar

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Wisteria Goldens received the Patriotic Employer Award: ESGR Employer Support of The Guard and Reserve.

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