Puppy Adoption Process Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are raised as part of our family until they become part of yours.Wisteria Goldens Puppy Adoption Process

This page has information about our Puppy Adoption Process, what we do and provide, the steps for families to take to adopt a puppy, and more information.

Every Wisteria Golden English Cream puppy will come already micro-chipped! Each puppy is provided love, cuddles, and group and individual playtime. Read here for more information on the foundational start each puppy receives here at Wisteria Goldens – Wisteria Goldens’ Developmental Puppy Program

Wisteria Goldens has a procedure for adopting, picking, and getting your English Golden Retriever Puppy to you. We are often asked what this procedure is or what is the next step after deciding you want a Wisteria Golden puppy.  Here is more information to share with you – we hope you find it helpful.

Puppy Adoption Getting Started:

  • If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out the inquiry form.
  • This helps us know more about you and what you are looking for in a puppy. It also provides all the information needed for the contract and getting your puppy to you.
  • Read our contract so that you know what we are mutually agreeing upon and entering this agreement together
  • Once you decide you would like to move forward with getting a Wisteria Golden puppy, we will complete the contract with the pertinent details and email you the contract. This email will include the instructions for returning the signed contract and sending your $500 non-refundable deposit, per the terms of the contract.
  • We will also email “Bringing Your Puppy Home” information to help you prepare for the arrival of your new puppy.
  • Payment in full is due at 6.5 weeks, after you choose your puppy.

Time to Pick Your Puppy:

We take pictures of your English Cream Golden while growing up to help you decide on the look you like. These pictures are taken when they are newly born, and again at 2, 4, 5 & 6 weeks of age. We do not take pictures after 6 weeks of age.  We provide detailed information about each puppy’s personality at 6 weeks. You choose your puppy when they are 6.5 weeks old.  We will take pictures at 6 weeks and send them, a video, and each puppy’s description the day before you pick to give you time to look them over and talk about it as a family. We are always available by phone or email to answer any detailed questions you have to help match the right puppy for you and your family.

We start calling the 1st pick families the morning the puppies are 6.5 weeks old and go in order of the deposits received. It is important that you be available that day or make prior arrangements as to your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice, so we can choose for you, if necessary. All families are very excited on “Pick Your Puppy Day,” and families that have later picks are anxiously awaiting their turn. We try very hard to keep the picking process moving quickly.

While you pick you puppy at 6.5 weeks, remember — Puppies don’t go to their new homes until 8 weeks of age.

Meeting in Dallas:

We are happy to meet you in Dallas and charge a $125 delivery fee. This fee is charged whether you are driving or flying to meet us. This covers our travel costs, health certificate, and time.

Picking Up Your Puppy:

In order to work around our travel schedule for meeting planes, driving to meet families, and families picking up, we have found it beneficial to schedule a time to pick up your puppy that accommodates both our schedules. We know you are excited to pick up your new puppy and want to give you our undivided attention to share information about your puppy with you. This works great when families arrive on time because when have more than one excited family and puppy, it can create a bit of chaos.

While we LOVE dogs (obviously) and would love to see any other dogs you have, we ask that you not bring them to the ranch. I am sure your dog is very healthy; however, our vet has advised us “strongly” in not allowing this. We don’t want to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings but must follow the advice of our vet in order to keep everyone happy and healthy.

AKC registration paper, original shot records, and microchip registration information, etc. will be provided at the time of pick-up.

Meeting You:

We are happy to work out a schedule to meet you if possible. Charges for meeting will be calculated based on mileage and how many families we are meeting. IF we have a few puppies in a litter that are going in the same direction, we will work on a delivery schedule and meet you to get your puppy. Again, these charges will be based on mileage and will be calculated at 6.5 weeks when final payment is due.

Shipping Your Puppy:

We no longer ship puppies and you will be required to either travel here to pick up, meet us as at a planned location or fly into Dallas (DFW) to meet us and fly home with your puppy in the cabin of the plane.

American Airlines is the best option for traveling with the puppy in the cabin of the plane. Delta and United Airlines require the puppy to be 10 weeks old. The weight limit is 20 lbs in the cabin and the puppies generally will not meet this requirement.

Additional Information About Our Puppy Adoption Process:

Your English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy has been raised on Life’s Abundance Large Breed Puppy. We do not recommend switching dog food brands to keep stress to a minimum during transitioning to a new home. We feel this is so important we provide a complimentary bag if we are meeting in person or ship directly to you if flying.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to take your puppy when they are ready to go to their new home, please connect with us for options and availability of them being able to stay longer. We are happy to work with families, but depending on the puppies we have in our Puppy Training Program, litters we are taking care of, travel schedule for meeting families, etc., there are times we are not able to extend their stay, so prior arrangements must be made.

If you have additional questions – you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page, email us, or call us at 479-431-4565.