English Cream Golden Retriever Trained Puppies for Sale

We work with each of our Trained English Golden Retriever puppies on the following commands: Sit, Down, On, Off, Right Here, Kennel, Let’s Go, and This Way to build a foundation for becoming a trained puppy. We work on walking nicely on a leash, providing us with a loose leash, spending time in the crate, and socialization and introduction to strange objects like boxes, trash cans, umbrellas, etc.

Continue below for more information about English Cream Golden Retriever Trained Puppies for Sale, Training Routine, Testimonials, and Available Trained Puppies. Puppies are also introduced to Wait (at the door) and Stay.

We start teaching puppies manners that include not jumping up on people and not chewing on our hands. Many of our Golden Retriever puppies love to play fetch and are introduced to learning “proper” fetch (get it, bring it, give it.)  They are familiar with brushing, nails trimmed, and having ears cleaned.

We work on the housebreaking process, and none of them have had an accident in the house in a few weeks, as long as they are taken out on a consistent, routine basis by the time they go to their new family.  *Please note that the current puppies are housebroken using a doggie door.

About Our Trained Puppies

These puppies are considered — STARTED on training — Pricing Varies on each puppy and level of accomplishment. Contact us for current information and pricing: If you have questions, call or text us at 479-431-4565 or email puppy@wisteriagoldens.com.

If you would like to inquire about adopting one of the trained puppies, fill out the form on our website here: Puppy Prep Academy Information (Trained Puppy Inquiry Form)

Just like children in Kindergarten and Elementary school, they will not be thoroughly trained and dependable on commands until fully matured. While puppies do well with all the above commands, they need continued training and practice to “master” them. At this young age, they can lapse and have setbacks. Puppies are like children with short attention spans and need continual reinforcement of commands, consistency, patience, and love. It is important to remember that puppies do not all learn at the same level, and some will be more proficient with their training than others. Puppies also have different personalities, some love to learn, and others are a bit lazy and take longer to understand and achieve training goals. The puppy determines the level of training and the depth of mastery achieved. We will provide a video showing where they are with their training, and a list of commands we have used, to help you continue with their education and training. To see previously trained puppies in action, visit Wisteria Goldens YouTube Channel, see our Previously Trained Puppies.

Available English Golden Retriever Puppies in Training (Updated 11-28-2023)


Scroll and hover or tap on the picture for each puppy’s name, personality, and training progress information.

To inquire about adopting a trained puppy visit our form page here: Puppy Prep Academy Information (Trained Puppy Inquiry Form).


(Brown Boy 03-29-2023 Evie/Ego #evie032923)

evie litter (Evie/ego) #evie032923 Buddy (Brown Boy) English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for sale find Adoption information application on the website wisteriagoldens.com/contact-us

Meet Buddy (Brown Boy)

Smart Enthusiastic Adventurous Spirit

Personality - Training

Meet Buddy (Brown Boy)

Available Now

He is an outgoing, playful puppy that loves to play fetch and explore.  He has a great adventurous spirit. He is a smart and eager-to-learn puppy who has great focus.  He has a willingness to please and enthusiasm for learning.  Buddy is an ideal companion for someone who enjoys the process of training and wants to continue building on his foundation. (Brown Boy 03-29-2023 Evie/Ego #evie032923)

To inquire about adopting a trained puppy visit our form page here: Puppy Prep Academy Information (Trained Puppy Inquiry Form).

Puppy Prep Academy – Happy Family Updates

Theo Piper-Ego 12-30-2018 English Cream Golden Retriever Previous Starter trained puppy familie update

Theo (Piper/Ego – 12/30/2018)

Theo is doing great. You guys did such a good job training him. He’s very smart and so eager to please.

We went to the vet last week and he’s now up to 64 pounds.
He’s already a couple of inches taller than our other English golden, so he’s going to be a big boy.

Lenny (Piper/Ego - 12/30/18) #piper123018 Trained Puppy Happy Family Wisteria Goldens Puppy Prep Academy English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for saleLenny (Piper/Ego - 12/30/18) #piper123018 Trained Puppy Happy Family Wisteria Goldens Puppy Prep Academy English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for sale

Lenny (Piper/Ego – 12/30/18)

When we were looking to adopt a puppy one of our biggest concerns was the puppy having some pre-training and basic skills started. When I spoke to Debbie on the phone she knew every puppy like the back of her hand. She helped me make an informed decision on personality for both temperament and training and which dog would fit our lifestyle needs. Our Lenny is so smart and is incredible with training and learning new things!

When he came to us at 15 weeks he was already perfect with sit and learned down and stay extremely fast! Debbie did an amazing job and helped take so much stress off of us so we didn’t have to start at ground zero. The basic training helped him have the beginning skills to learn new commands quickly and easily. He is also amazing in the crate thanks to Debbie as well! Thanks again for everything you do, Debbie! Our Lenny is the best pup ever! NK (San Diego). #piper123018

Sebastian Previous Starter Trained Puppy

Sebastian (Harmony/Ego)

Sebastian (Harmony/Ego) is doing terrific. He has settled in and is very comfortable in his new home. We are working on his commands and he is doing very well.
He follows us everywhere, but prefers that we are in the same room so he can be with both of us at the same time. He is mellow and very loving. He went to the vet Wednesday and is completely healthy. He is 48#.

We are truly blessed to have him as part of our family. D & K

Baxter (Rory/Buddy)

Baxter (Rory/Buddy) is awesome! He ate and drank and responds well to ‘baited’ commands, exactly as you said. I let him roam around the house to get familiar with all the new surroundings. He went potty outside and then we came in an discovered the big basket of toys. He is a love! He follows me everywhere I go and give kisses for a treat. He has just fallen asleep in his new crate with a toy or two. Thank you again and Melissa for such great preparation. The entire experience was better than I could have imagined from start to welcoming Baxter to his new home. I will send pictures as soon as Baxter stays still for a minute! I’m in love already!

P.S. Melissa and anyone who contributed to Baxter’s training did an awesome job – Baxter sits, shakes, rolls over, and is starting to sit at the front door when he needs to go outside for potty. Amazing. I have enrolled him (us) in a training course that starts later this month to continue what is an obvious great beginning. I wish I got two of them! Read more about Baxter… Warmest thanks, Tom

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