Pet Parents Guide to Pampered PawsBalance is the watchword in this Pet Parent’s Guide to Pampered Paws. Part Two includes Basic Care and Boots. Click here to Review Part One

This two part article will explore the balance of softness, moisture, and health for your dog’s paw pads. Care of the padding on your dog’s feet should be considered a daily routine, whenever pets have been walking, year round. You will find tips to find the right balance for your dog in this guide to promoting and maintaining your dog’s healthy feet.

Pet Parents Guide to Pampered Paws  – Basic Care

  1. Gently wash feet with warm water and a gentle dog shampoo (put a drop or so into the water and swish it around),
  2. Check for triggers (see trigger list in Part One),
  3. Dry gently with cotton towel to absorb all of the water (dampness can trigger problems),
  4. Use any pampering options you determine needed based on the triggers you have detected (see pampering list in Part One).

Pet Parents Guide to Pampered Paws – Preventative Care

If the walking conditions are commonly problematic you might consider providing ‘boots’ for your dog. Be mindful of the following when you are choosing and putting boots on your dog.

  1. Construction of the ‘boot or sock’ is made with safe materials,
  2. There are no objects inside the boot (check each time before you put them on),
  3. They don’t cause tripping issues (they should fit properly promoting a natural and healthy gate),
  4. Remove them after your walk and check your dog’s paws (as listed in the trigger list above),
  5. Properly clean and dry boots/socks routinely to ensure they do not harbor a bacteria or other debris.

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