More Than Music Therapy for Dogs is a discussion about holistically approaching anxiety or stress for dogs. There are times when we anticipate our dogs may be stressed or anxious. More Than Music Therapy for Dogs is a discussion about holistically approaching anxiety or stress for dogs. There are times when we anticipate our dogs may be stressed or anxious. A thunderstorm or unusual sounds (fireworks for example) are often not common enough to effectively socialize during our socialization routines. We often use essential oils (aroma therapy) and we are noticing Music Therapy for Dogs has become more common as well.

More Than Music Therapy for Dogs Checklist

We believe relaxing a dog when he or she is agitated requires a holistic approach. These may include:

  1. Sound: Music, waves, heartbeat, or a recording of a gentle rain. List with your dog all the way through to discover which music playlist is most comforting.
  2. Scent: Aroma therapy such as essential oils, a pet parent’s garment, familiar ‘home’ scents. Familiar scents can be associated with time of day, events, an other familiar experiences. It helps to become observant so we are better able to understand our dog’s experiences.
  3. Touch: Massage, cuddles, or a favorite toy.
  4. Taste: Favorite treats.
  5. Sight: Think people, places, and things that are comforting and familiar. Click here for our Socialization Checklist.
  6. Intuition: Your voice, mood, and the mood of those around you.

Don’t underestimate your dog’s intuition (her sixth sense). You can communicate best with your tone of voice, attitude, and in general your own relaxed mood. If a situation also causes you anxiety it would be most effective to address your self-care as well as your dog’s anxiety. In cases where you are anxious, and find ways to become calm, don’t be surprised if your own calmness turns out to be the answer your dog needed as well.

This is one example of Music Therapy for Dogs

Music Therapy for Dogs Playlist

Reassurance in the wrong way actually reinforces their fears

It is important to remember our dogs are not able to communicate or develop discernment the same as children often are. Be conscious of your reaction when a dog shows signs of fear.  For example:

  • We would pick up a baby to reassure her we are there if she becomes fearful and over time we can develop a deeper communication to help her understand when situations are safe and when they are not.
  • Yet, we would not respond the same way in a similar situation with our dog. This is important for pet parents to understand. The reason is our dog will remember how we reacted, learn from us, and is likely to become fearful again when the same or similar situation happens again. In most cases the best reaction a pet parent can have to a dog’s fearful reaction is to ignore it.

We start using “Through A Dog’s Ear” Cd’s while the puppies are nursing, conditioning them to this music while they are engaging in something enjoyable and positive. When introducing them to the crate then play this music to help them associate it with something good which eases them into the crate training process. Read more about  Wisteria Goldens’ Puppy Development Program.

Holistic Positive Approach to communicating with your dog will incorporate all of the elements of lifestyle and ensure you and your dog are happier and healthier.

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