Routine Combing for Dogs -- Piper Wisteria GoldensRoutine Combing for Dogs and Healthy Coats

We have explored the benefits of providing regular coat grooming and the importance of understanding how to care for your dog’s coat during shedding season (click here to review our previous article). A holistic view of grooming (diet, exercise, not over bathing, and routine brushing/combing) is essential to ensure a healthy coat. Today’s article will expand on the topic with suggestions for providing a twice a week routine to brush and/or comb your dog’s coat.

Routine Combing for Dogs — Tools Suggested

Tangle Remover Solution (reduces static, assists in removing tangled and matted fur, and conditions the coat).

  • Life’s Abundance Bath Fresh Mist (for wet or dry hair) this formula is enhanced with a moisture-activated odor fighter that safely absorbs and neutralizes unpleasant odors

Soft Bristle Brush (to separate any top coat tangles and remove surface debris)

  • Always brush in the direction of the fur without applying force. When matted use the round tooth comb.

Scratch Free Round Tooth Comb (assists in removing a heavy shedding undercoat)

  • Scratch free designed combs are less irritating to the skin and allow a deeper shed removal without discomfort.

Routine Combing for Dogs — Suggested Technique

  • Cleaning Coat—avoid over bathing because over bathing can often dry out a dog’s skin inhibiting natural oils needed to assist in healthy coat support.
  • Combing Coat – comb with a scratch free round tooth metal comb when desired to remove a shedding undercoat.
  • Brushing Coat – brushing at least twice a week will assist in removing debris and tangles from the coat. Brushing also assists in distributing a dog’s natural body oils which (in combination with healthy diet, exercise, proper hydration, and grooming) provides optimal conditions for a beautiful healthy coat.

Frequency Recommendations

"Muddy Aria" and our Trained Puppy Cooper (Honor/Ego 4-25-2014)

The frequency you will decide to establish for your dog’s routine combing will depend on the weather and your dog’s activity throughout the week. As shown in the photo:

  • A dog that enjoys rolling in mud or thickets will naturally require a more frequent grooming routine.

A Note about Mud:

  • We want to avoid over bathing so when mud is involved it is often efficient to wait for the mud to dry and then use the soft bristle brush to remove surface debris from the dog’s coat.
  • Next use the comb to gently remove any mud in the undercoat (if needed).
  • If desired continue with a light mist and gentle massage with the Bath Fresh Mist.
  • On the other hand, a dog that enjoys walking (rather than rolling) and chooses groomed landscapes to play will generally need brushing twice a week and a deeper combing once a week during shedding season.

Let us know any questions you have about raising your puppy.  We are happy to help guide you.


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