Home for the Holidays Tips for bringing your puppy home to assist in transitionIf you are bringing a puppy home during stressful times, such as the holiday season, remember this can be overwhelming for the puppy. Home for the Holidays is a list of tips to help your new puppy transition to a new home in the midst of the joyful season.

Your puppy is adjusting to being away from the home they have known since birth. Away from their siblings, mom, and the people they have become familiar with. During the holidays there are often lights, toys, paper, excitement, and add to that the additional overwhelm of Christmas morning stress, here are three (3) things to consider to help your puppy through the transition.

Home for the Holidays – Three Reminders

  1. Remind your children that this is a difficult time for the puppy and when he goes and lays off by himself for a bit, let him have this time alone.  He needs this time to decompress and rest.
  2. Keep small toys and items picked up, as they can be a potential choking hazard for the puppy and puppies love to chew, so we don’t want anyone’s new toys damaged.
  3. Puppies are like small babies, they sleep a lot, so it is important that the puppy get adequate rest, so he doesn’t become a grouchy puppy.

In addition to these tips, if there are opportunities, take the puppy aside for some quiet time together. Giving your puppy some one-on-one attention will provide a bonding experience much needed during this transition from birth home to forever home.

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