Welcoming Home Puppy Guide Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever puppy training, tips, Welcoming Home Safety

We love security! You are welcoming home a new English Cream Golden Retriever puppy. Although he has been introduced to the crate, now is the time to begin formal crate training. He’s accustomed to running on the ranch, and depending on the time of year and age, introduced to our “Golden” pond. He has been given lots of room to roam and play outdoors, but what about indoors?

Many of you may think of a dog running free across a meadow as idyllic. However, he’s not always in a meadow; he’s in your house and you can prevent or minimize a lot of accidents, like him chewing your table legs, electrical cords or your favorite pair of shoes if he’s given too much freedom too quickly.

Welcoming Home Manners

Your puppy has a new home now, and just as we taught him appropriate manners and our rules here at Wisteria Goldens, you’ll have to educate him as to how you’d like to see him behave your home.

A common mistake new pet parents make when they bring their puppy home is to give them too much freedom too soon. Remember, being in his crate is a source of great security and safety for your new golden. He loves to sleep there to find a quiet place to escape, and it can be used for potty training your puppy, as he doesn’t like to sleep where he’s soiled.

Welcoming Home Crate Time

Remember that young puppies should not be in the crate more than a couple of hours at a time, except during nighttime hours.

Guidelines for Age:
8 – 11 weeks of age – No More than 3 hours
12 – 16 weeks – No More than 4 hours

It is recommended that after 16 weeks the pup should spend no more than 4 hours during the day in the crate. We recommend a dog walker or neighbor to come over and play and spend time with your Golden if longer hours are required.

Welcoming Home Boundaries

You can also close off doors into rooms where he doesn’t need to be when you first bring him home. Let him earn that right through good behavior. Baby gates across open doorways is another way to manage where you want him to be until he gets more accustomed to living in his new home. While he’s learning, you might consider utilizing an ex-pen/crate set up as well to create a playpen area for when you are not actively engaged with him. They are what we use here at Wisteria Goldens for while raising our English Cream Goldens puppies. You can see our set up here: Puppies & Ex-pens

Just like our human children, puppies need guidelines, boundaries, and consistency so they know what is expected of them and how to behave appropriately. No one enjoys being around an untrained and ill-mannered dog. By limiting his freedom and expanding his territory as he becomes trustworthy helps to build his confidence and set him up for success in being a part of your family.

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