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Essential Oil Precautions for Dog Owners


Essential Oil Precautions for Dog Owners

If you have been doing research to find out what Essential Oils are safe and effective for dogs this is a great article to set your mind at ease. The controversy about Essential Oil Precautions isn’t as confusing as it may seem at first glance. The primary reason we see, contributing to the mixed information, is generally because people are talking about different grades of essential oils. My favorite brand is pure, organic, and safe when used as directed.

Dosing is another factor contributing to the controversy. Remember dogs are smaller than us. It is important to keep dose comparative to dog size and what works. To keep dosing consistent use carrier oils.

Talk with me! […]

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Dangers for Dogs Pet Safe Home Guide


Dangers for Dogs: Pet Safe Home Guide discusses several safely issues to consider when you are making your home pet safe.Dangers for Dogs: Pet Safe Home Guide discusses several safety issues to consider when you are making your home pet safe. Many of them are also issues you would consider for people and especially older adults, babies & children. The important take away from today’s article is to do the research (begin with the resources provided) and make a list of the dangers in your home, in the yard, or other areas where your dog may be exploring.

Dangers for Dogs will often fall into two categories.

  1. Poisonous Items: Potentially dangerous when in contact with skin or when ingested. “Toxins can enter the body in multiple ways […]
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New Puppy Perfect Name


new puppy perfect nameOne of the countless questions I hear from new puppy owners is “How do we decide on a perfect name for our new puppy?” There are many great and fun ways to discover your new puppy's perfect name. I’ve gathered together our Top Five ways to discover your new puppy's perfect name. We would love to hear your ideas as well. Please leave a comment in the box below with your idea.

The avenues to discover the perfect name for your new puppy are numerous. These are a few to spark your own ideas. Personality, distinguishing features, pedigree, history, seasons, and family favorites are explained more below.

New Puppy Perfect Name Five Name Discovery Ideas


Puppies are born with their own individual personality. When we have been

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Pet Parents Guide Pampered Paws – Part One of Two


Pet Parents Guide to Pampered PawsBalance is the watchword in this Pet Parents Guide Pampered Paws. Part One of our Two Part Guide includes Daily Check Guide, Pampering Options, and Potential Triggers.

This two part article will explore the balance of softness, moisture, and health for your dog’s paw pads. Care of the padding on your dog’s feet should be considered a daily routine, whenever pets have been walking, year round. You will find tips to find the right balance for your dog in this guide to promoting and maintaining your dog’s healthy feet.

Pet Parents Guide Pampered Paws — Daily Check

  1. Pads of paws should be subtly moist,
  2. Pads should be free of dryness,
  3. Paws shouldn’t have cracks,
  4. In between toes and under nails should be free […]
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Latchkey Dog Day Care and Boarding


Latchkey Dog Day Care and BoardingTop Questions to Ask About Safe Dog Boarding Services

There may be times when the family isn’t able to take the family pet with them during a holiday or when the day’s activities keep family members away at unusually long intervals. When your pet needs daycare or overnight boarding services be sure to ask these important questions to ensure the service is qualified and prepared to provide safe and healthy care for your dog.

For short routine absences consider electronic pet monitoring.  Be sure to explore the customer reviews. There are some amazing reviews and some cautions regarding device compatibility as well.

First determine the level of care you will need.

  1. In Home Pet Sitter,
  2. Daycare (outside of your home), or
  3. Overnight […]
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Dr Sarah Door Darting


Dr Sarah’s video about Door Darting is a great resource for training a dog Door darting is common if your dog has an adventurous spirit and often takes you on a game of chase, while you are trying to get to work or an appointment.

This video Dr Sarah Door Darting includes tips to help you to keep your pet safe despite her motivation for door darting.

Dr Sarah Door Darting

Dr Sarah’s video about Door Darting is a great resource for training a dog who wants to rush through the door when it is opened.Related Topics:

14 Basic On Cue Behaviors List Dog Training Commands

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Puppy Training


Puppy TrainingToday we are sharing the improved update of our Puppy Training Guide Listing

This is a list of the Puppy Training Guides we have published on Wisteria Goldens’ Blog. The Listing page will provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to transition your puppy from Wisteria Ranch to your Forever Home, Nutrition, Socialization, Playtime, Training, Travel, Memories (Journal), and Health Care.

Puppy Training Guides

The list also includes some of our most popular Blog posts about caring for your dog as well. You’ll find a variety of topics like these popular guides.

Bringing Home New Puppy Transition Tips (preparation and welcoming your puppy to their Forever Home).

Puppy Love Head to Toe (a massage guide).

Puppy Photos — Tips for Getting a […]

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Water the Dog


Water the DogIn this blog post, Water the Dog, we are exploring several ways to ensure our dogs are well hydrated.

The importance of hydration for dogs is just as important as human hydration is. We give our dogs plenty of opportunities to drink water and let their bodies tell them when and how much. But there are other ways as well which become especially important to offer during times of high temperature or activity.

Three Ideas to Regularly Water the Dog

Hydration can be provided via internal (water bowl or frozen treats for dogs), or it can be provided via external ways such as bathing and swimming, or playing in the sprinklers.

  1. The water bowl is refilled to freshen it up often through the day. Especially if it […]
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Nap Time for Ego


nap time for egoAt this moment, it is Nap Time for Ego and I’ve noticed he is suddenly having one of his adorable running in the field dreams. Did you know a dog needs REM sleep as much as their human companions do? The difference is humans often spend 25% of the night in REM and often stay awake all day. Dogs only spend about 10% of the time they sleep in REM, which means they need a few extra hours to clock in enough restorative sleep.

Puppies and older dogs might spend 14 hours plus napping during a 24 hour period while dogs between the age of 2-8 might spend 12 hours a day (accumulatively). (Statistics gathered from Sleep.Org)

Although dogs sleep a bit more than […]

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Facebook Testimonial Showcase


Facebook Testimonial ShowcaseWe enjoy hearing from our Wisteria Goldens Family. Facebook Testimonial Showcase includes a few of the messages we've received recently on Facebook.

Drop by to join in the conversation. Click here to us on Facebook.

Facebook Testimonial Showcase

star ratingLoving..nurturing and just all round good environment for these beautiful amazing animals. I will go back for another if time and money allow.

Bentley 4 1/2 mos. We love this lil guy!!

Facebook Testimonial Showcase

Sierra Bay, she becomes more beautiful every day! Love, love, love her!

Facebook Testimonial Showcase

Wish I could have them all!! Our girl is now 16 weeks and gorgeous, so smart and such a joy. If you don't have Wisteria Golden in your […]

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