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This Puppy Training Guide begins with an overview of the English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Foundational Start Routine at Wisteria Goldens Ranch. The list following the Foundational Start overview will help each family continue with additional training in Forever Homes.

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English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Foundational Start Routin Wisteria Goldens Ranch Newborn to eight weeks training and socialization schedule.This is our new Puppy Training Guide Reference List  of the new and popular segments of our blog posts and pages.We have published a series of puppy training guides to share with you the most effective way to train your English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy.

We have created this one page listing to provide an easy reference for you to find the most effective way raise your puppy and keep your dog healthy and happy. Be sure to subscribe to the Newsletter-Digest so you will receive updates.

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Foundational Start Routine – Wisteria Goldens

Our Foundational Start Routine is designed each week to build upon the next. We recommend each new Forever Home continue with the introduced socialization training and continue to build upon each activity when your puppy arrives to your home.

–Newborn to two weeks:
Hold/handle puppy while touching ears, mouth, feet, toes, and tail.

Begin introducing puppy to temperature changes and textures inside the whelping box.

–Two to four weeks:
Continue above routine and add toys to whelping box.

–Four to five weeks:
Begin introducing to the crate, grooming table, and grooming process; Brushing, nail clipping, cleaning ears, etc. We have Puppy Parties and Puppy Gym sessions as part of socialization training.

–Five to six weeks:

We continue all of the previous week’s activities and introduce puppies to new areas as a litter such as group walks outside to familiarize with new surroundings.

–Six to eight weeks:
Continue all of the previous week’s activities and add individual time with each puppy in the litter. At this age we begin to introduce Clicker Training with treats. Training commands are introduced (sit) and an introduction to a collar and leash (walking on a leash).

–Eight weeks:
Time to go to their Forever Homes

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