Trained Puppies for sale. English Cream Golden Retriever Misha was born 4-4-2014 Zoey & Thor Wisteria GoldensWisteria Goldens has provided dog training information specifically about how to get the best results when training your English Cream Golden Retriever. Today I would like to summarize and elaborate on previous lessons which focused on positive dog training methods with emphasis on desired behavior reinforcement.

Training is a relationship building activity to establish a language between us and our pets. The breed of your pet will determine, based on personality traits, the best approach. For Goldens, who are naturally suited as family dogs and want to please you, the best approach is to communicate to your puppy exactly which behaviors you desire, by practicing behavior observation.

English Cream Golden Retriever Positive Training Approach

Good natured puppies will naturally have a wide range of behaviors. When we see a behavior we do not want, and if the behavior is immediately an issue, we can redirect gently by moving the puppy to a preferred location (in regard to potty training for example). But, our primary responses will be to reinforce positive behavior, when we see the behavior we want to see, we immediately respond with positive praise and appreciation.

Being consistent will result in the best results. Our puppy will first learn about our training approach, then the language we are using, and then will learn the lesson we are teaching. The advantages of using this positive training approach method are numerous. The most advantageous is how quickly our puppies learn, because the language of smiles, praise, and celebration are universal.

English Cream Golden Retriever Positive Training Overview

  • Determine the language you will use for each behavior you want to reinforce.
  • Be consistent by using the same terms and the same praise system (clicker, smile, gleefully respond, treats, or a combination of techniques).
  • Plan each behavior training session simply and methodically. These are 5 basics:
    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Leave It
    • Come
    • Heel
    • Stop


  • Use the word ‘no’ only for situations when your dog is in immediate danger, needs to be redirected (gently moved to another location or activity), and you haven’t yet mastered other commands to communicate the importance of the situation.

We often say ‘Uh-Uh’ or “Leave It” instead of ‘no’ to convey our desire to stop a behavior we do not want. The most important positive reinforcement approach training tip of all is to remember a golden’s natural characteristic to please you and to receive praise. Watch for amazing behaviors and celebrate them immediately. Your puppy will quickly be able to connect the behaviors you desire, with your response, and are naturally delighted to negotiate with you to enjoy the celebration with you.

If you say “NO” he has no clue what you really want, but if you say, “leave it” or “stop” he gets it right away.

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