English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy Relationship DevelopmentSpeaking the Same Language — Developing a relationship with your English Cream Golden Retriever puppy begins the first time you meet. As you become familiar with your puppy, it is an opportunity to teach him your language, the dialog you will use to communicate.

Consistent Communication

Consistency is a keystone right from the start. Praise should be consistently communicated and can be shown in a few ways, (the tone of your voice for example), it is especially important to have a uniform way to express immediate positive praise. One way to do this is with a sound, such as a clicker, followed by your verbal praise and a treat.

Clicker Training

A clicker creates a unique sound and has the potential to create positive communication. Pair this tool up with positive verbal praise and consistent repetition.  As your dog recognizes the connection between a specific behavior and the sound of the clicker, he will anticipate the sound as confirmation he or she is catching on. Your puppy naturally has a desire to please you. It is important to communicate specifically the behaviors you want to encourage so you can expect to see more of the behaviors which are pleasing to you

Relationship Development

Training is a development of your relationship with your pet. It is a communication which is a lot like learning a new language. First, in order to communicate there should be a set dialog to use. This includes the words you will speak and the sound you use (such as a clicker). Be consistent and use the same terms when you are communicating throughout the day during any activity.

English Cream Golden Retriever Relationship Development

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