Latchkey Dog Day Care and BoardingTop Questions to Ask About Safe Dog Boarding Services

There may be times when the family isn’t able to take the family pet with them during a holiday or when the day’s activities keep family members away at unusually long intervals. When your pet needs daycare or overnight boarding services be sure to ask these important questions to ensure the service is qualified and prepared to provide safe and healthy care for your dog.

For short routine absences consider electronic pet monitoring.  Be sure to explore the customer reviews. There are some amazing reviews and some cautions regarding device compatibility as well.

First determine the level of care you will need.

  1. In Home Pet Sitter,
  2. Daycare (outside of your home), or
  3. Overnight Boarding.

Develop a Care Plan to outline your dog’s needs, health, schedule, preferences, feeding time, play and exercise time. Depending on the time of day, the extent of your absence, and the provider you choose, some of your pet’s familiar experiences may need to be adapted. The longer the planning period and time spent in providing these adjustments (at home with family) the easier it will be for your pet to enjoy time spent away from familiar people.

Latchkey Dog Day Care and Boarding Question Checklist


  • What Licenses does the facility possess?
  • What agency or organization monitors licensing?
  • What Training Classes are required for staff that provides direct care?


  • What is the method of communication and discipline model used in the facility?
  • Who is qualified ‘on-site’ to provide First Aid and Emergency Planning?


When planning ahead is an option knowing (and implementing) the holiday schedule with your dog before you take them to a provider will socialize him/her to a large part of adapting to new surroundings.

  • Are all guests (pets) on the same schedule?
  • Meals times.
  • Play time.
  • Sleep time.
  • Exercise time.

Are other activities offered? Having an opportunity to introduce your dog to elements of a new activity can also set his/her mind at ease. Familiarity is a large part of socialization training.

Contact Information:

  • How can pet owners contact the facility during and after business hours?
  • Who will be contacted in case of emergency?

Staff Duties:

Each staff may have different qualifications and duties.

  • What duties are assigned to each staff member who will be connecting with your pet?
  • What additional qualifications should each of these staff members possess?


  • What are other pet owners saying about their experience with the service?
  • Do they offer open communication with social media to ensure clients have access to share publicly when they are either satisfied or disappointed with the service?

Our pets are members of our family and we find it just as important to seek amazing services for them as we would for any other ‘people’ family member. Finding qualified care is essential to ensure your dog is happy, healthy, and comfortable with their accommodations. We wouldn’t stay in a hotel with questionable standards. We wouldn’t want our pets to be uncomfortable while we are away.

Remember These Top Tips

  1. Shop around,
  2. plan ahead,
  3. provide your pet with socialization opportunities, and
  4. ask questions.

Everyone have a happy holiday!

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