nap time for egoAt this moment, it is Nap Time for Ego and I’ve noticed he is suddenly having one of his adorable running in the field dreams. Did you know a dog needs REM sleep as much as their human companions do? The difference is humans often spend 25% of the night in REM and often stay awake all day. Dogs only spend about 10% of the time they sleep in REM, which means they need a few extra hours to clock in enough restorative sleep.

Puppies and older dogs might spend 14 hours plus napping during a 24 hour period while dogs between the age of 2-8 might spend 12 hours a day (accumulatively). (Statistics gathered from Sleep.Org)

Although dogs sleep a bit more than humans there are similarities to know and plan for.

Nap Time for Ego Guidelines

  1. Give your dog a place to rest without traffic or disturbances.
  2. Keep the sleeping area draft free and a comfortable temperature (see this guide about temperature settings).
  3. Make sure toys and loose bedding are kept to a minimum (see this guide about toys).
  4. Do not feed or water your dog in the bedding area.
  5. When your dog will be unsupervised consider a safe ‘area’ or kennel to ensure her comfort while you are away. This will reduce opportunities for complications giving your dog a safe experience.
  6. Take him outside and provide opportunities to play and potty regularly (See guide about playtime).

Do you have tips or questions about napping dogs?

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