5 Best Toys for One Year Old Dogs Halo Litter Blue Boy is a happy, friendly, playful boy. He loves toys and often carrying one around with his tail wagging. He is a sweet boy that has some good days and some not so good in the crate. He weighs: 7.8 lbs Halo/Ego Litter born 10/26/2015 6 weeks pictures english cream golden retriever puppies for sale at wisteriagoldens.com/available-puppies Generally, these puppies are affectionate and easy going — more on the mid to lower energy range like their mom. They are definitely playful puppies, but gentle, affectionate, and sweet in spirit.If you are shopping for toys for your dog you might like to explore the 5 best toys for one year old dogs. This list is a great resource for most English Cream Golden Retrievers from approximately 6 months and up. This article focuses on durability, safety (non-toxic), and fun.

When we are asked what kind of toys to buy for dogs we most commonly explore the types of materials toys are made of and the age/habits of the dog they are for. These are the most important questions to ask about a toy you are considering.

  1. Is the toy made from safe non-toxic materials?
  2. Has the toy manufacturer designed the toy to withstand a dog’s play time?
  3. Does the toy have any parts or pieces which could become a choking hazard?
  4. Is the toy washable so it can be periodically disinfected?
  5. Is the toy the appropriate size for your dog’s breed?

5 Best Toys Characteristic Checklist and Suggestions

  1. Toxic Materials: Has the manufacturer taken measures to ensure the toy is not a toxic health hazard for your dog? Be sure to check the manufacturer’s information about each toy and if you are unsure it is best to keep it out of reach until you can be certain the company making the product and the distribution methods are safe.
  2. Durable Design: Take a good look at the toy to ensure it is suitable for chewing, carrying around, interesting (you’ll find this out when you see your dog enjoying the toy), and will you be able to see when it is ready to be discarded.
  3. Choking Hazard: Some toys are embellished with decorative items which may become loose and become a choking hazard. There are also toys with internal items (stuffing, squeeze/noise elements) which might become loose if the toy is chewed through. Avoid these toys or remove the choking hazard.
  4. Washable: Any toy your give to your dog should be washable by machine or disinfectant spray/soaking. This cleaning should be done frequently. Once a week is average for most of our one dog forever families. But, each household will be different. Be sure to wash or disinfect and then ensure it is well dried and perhaps rotated out of the dog’s toy box until the following week.
  5. Appropriate Size: Choosing the appropriate size of a toy for your dog will vary depending on the toy. The most generalized suggestions are
    1. The toy (as well as its parts) cannot be swallowed,
    2. The toy is not too large, or
    3. Too heavy for the dog to carry.

The Humane Society has categorized toys as active toys, distraction toys, and comfort toys. They have expanded on the topic here. The article also suggests rotating your dog’s toys weekly to keep a variety of experiences available to your dog.

We like to also recommend looking closely at each toy when you are returning it to your dog. Make sure the toy isn’t showing signs of deterioration, has not loose parts, and continues to be a safe choice.

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