Tags Crates and Rawhide Travel Checklist Halo Litter Brown Boy is very outgoing, friendly, and playful. One of the first to come running — joyful to see you. Loves tummy rubs. He is fussy in crate, but does settle nicely after a bit. He weighs: 7.6 lbs Halo/Ego Litter born 10/26/2015 6 weeks pictures english cream golden retriever puppies for sale at wisteriagoldens.com/available-puppies Generally, these puppies are affectionate and easy going — more on the mid to lower energy range like their mom. They are definitely playful puppies, but gentle, affectionate, and sweet in spirit.Tags Crates and Rawhide  is a review of the important keys to safe traveling with your dog during the holidays. A random list of links to previous posts on the topic of tags, microchips, safe car travel, and dangerous chew toys. Some of the most common questions we hear bundled into a checklist for you to revisit (save the link to your mobile device) or print out and carry in your car.

Tags, Crates, and Rawhide Checklist

While you are traveling

  1. Ensure your dog is safely in a crate,
  2. Check your dog’s tags to ensure they are current and the microchip registration is active and up-to-date,
  3. Be mindful of people giving your pet treats,
  4. Be prepared for frequent stops and carry along a leash and pooper scooper,
  5. Take the food, as well as water, for your dog.

Also watch Dr Sarah’s great video on our Life’s Abundance blog Tips for Holiday Travel With Your Pet

Tips for Holiday Travel Pet Talk with Dr Sarah

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