Puppy Love Head to Toe In this Puppy Love Head to Toe article we will discuss touch socialization. Confident puppies and dogs are comfortable in their environment and feel safe. Additionally they anticipate how they will feel as each circumstance, routine, or event happens. We prepare our dogs for periodic events such as travel, a vet appointment, or visiting friends.

Puppy Love Head to Toe Video

Many circumstances, routines, and events challenge our dogs to be confident about touch. With this in mind we handle puppies by touching. This video shows how much a puppy enjoys the attention. Notice the patterns which are strategically employed to allow the puppy to anticipate where she will be touched next.

Touch Socialization Wisteria Foundational Start

We begin socializing our puppies to touch during our Wisteria Foundational Start routines. Click here to explore our Foundational Start outline. Touch Socialization prepares puppies for a variety of circumstances and interaction.


  1. Becomes comfortable when people are handling them,
  2. Develops confidence when a veterinarian is checking their ears, teeth, and feet,
  3. Communicates how much we love and appreciate them, and
  4. Trains them to anticipate a pleasurable outcome in a variety of encounters.

Socialization is preparation for the senses. We could potentially explore the details extensively as daily life provides a vast number of potential encounters. The basic list of socialization categories include:

  1. Sights (locations, landscape, lights, etc.),
  2. Sounds (loud and quiet sounds awareness, alarms, people, pets, doorbell, appliances, etc.),
  3. Touch (becoming aware of how touch feels and what to expect in different situations),
  4. Movement (people, pets, trains, automobiles, crates, handling, etc.),
  5. Smells (household, outdoors, veterinarians office, people, pets, travel, etc.), and
  6. Taste (pet food, treats, chew toys, pets, people, dirt, etc.).

As a pet parent you will benefit from looking ahead as much as possible and strategically prepare your pet to have a confident and pleasurable experience with each new element in his/her environment. Introduce your dog to new experiences gradually so each of you will learn together about any potential misunderstanding.

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