Reducing Stress for Dogs While MovingRoutine, familiarity, and knowing what to expect throughout each day, are elements important to you and your dog. As pet parents we can reduce the stress for dogs while moving so they are less likely to become off balance. Communicating with your dog before, during, and after a move can make a world of difference. These are a few ways to make your move a smooth and positive experience for your dog.

Reducing Stress for Dogs with Routine & Familiarity

Each of these are suggestions and not intended to be ‘rules’ as there are times when change is inevitable when we move. Take what works for you from this list and adapt it to your lifestyle and environment. The most important thing to remember is your efforts to help your dog adapt to change can make a difference.

  1. Take note of the placement of food, water, and bedding in your current home. When you are setting up your new home try to duplicate this layout in flow and distance. For example: if the food and water are in the kitchen and your dog’s bedding is in the family room in your current home, then, place these items relatively in the same location of corresponding rooms.
  2. Keep daily schedules as close to they have been as possible.
    1. Feeding time,
    2. Playtime,
    3. Outdoor walks, and
    4. Family time.
  3. Arrange for a familiar person to be your dog’s pet sitter on moving day.
    1. A person your dog already knows,
    2. A place your dog has been before,
    3. Take familiar favorite toys and treats, and
    4. Arrange for delivery when family members are present in the new home.
    5. Make time to show your dog where water, food, and bedding are located and take him/her out to potty.

Be patient and provide as many familiar elements as possible to give your dog a sense of positivity. This is best communicated by your own confidence in the changes you are both experiencing.

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