Bring them inside is a checklist guide about how to prepare your home for a safe and happy  place for your dogWe know that Wisteria Goldens families realize their dogs are part of the family and deserve to be as comfortable as we would provide for anyone else in the house. Yet, there are still dogs, who would prefer to be indoors, who are living outside year round.

We would like to address Top 8 Reasons to bring them inside. Then provide a checklist of the living arrangements to compliment safety and health for our pets living inside our homes.

Finally we have a resource recommendation to help you evaluate supplies, equipment, and materials used in everyday items we have for our pets.

Bring Them Inside: Top 8 Reasons

Bringing your dog indoors will prevent a large number of issues and dangers. These are a few of the health, safety, and well being issues associated with dogs who are not invited to live indoors with their family.

1. Health — It is difficult to monitor your dog’s health unless he/she is observable. Early detection of issues often means the difference between quick healing and long term disease.
2. Well Being — The most common issues with behavior are often a result of neglect, loneliness, and isolation. Happy healthy pets are delighted to please you.
3. Poisonous Plants — Vegetation comes in planned and unplanned varieties. New volunteers (scattered by birds) can introduce plant life into your yard which may be a danger to pets.
4. Temperature — Many of us have a thermostat set to a comfort zone in our homes. Alternately the body is challenged and stressed to self monitor if at all possible.
5. Sun — The same dangers the sun can introduce to us are also true for our pets. Our pets are just as prone to taking a nap too long in a sunny spot as we may be.
6. Rain — Even when a shelter is provided the damp air associated with rainy days will settle into the shelter, our pet’s coat, or his toys. The danger of bacterial growth increases when dampness is introduced into the environment.
7. Pests (insects carrying disease) — Insect bites can become infected, insects can carry dangerous disease, and cause complications.
8. Predators (people and animal:walking,flying, and crawling dangers) — The list of predators outdoors is vast and often predictable.

Bring Them Inside: Checklist

Our pets need to have areas where each of their needs are provided for. Having a designated area for each of these daily needs will consider the flow of the home, our family routine, and give our dog a place to call their own.

1. Eat — Provide a place where your dog can eat and drink. Provide fresh water all day. Provide healthy food at regular intervals.

2. Sleep — Provide a comfortable bed (a suitable mat, perhaps inside a kennel) where your dog can sleep and rest. The designated sleep area should be away from heavy traffic areas so your pet can rest peacefully.

3. Play — Provide a few favorite toys,  and spend time playing with your pet. Routines (special time set aside regularly for pet play time) are best when possible.

4. TrainRegular training sessions indoors (and outdoors with you) will ensure she/he retains the skills learned and will have opportunities to learn new skills as well.

Bring Them Inside: Natural Durable Resources

Find the right supplies and equipment to provide healthy, happy, and safe environments for your pet. Checklist for you to consider when purchasing supplies and equipment.

1. Natural Materials — Toxin free materials are as important for our pets as they are for our family members. Make sure any materials used to manufacture bedding, toys, and equipment is made with care.

2. Natural IngredientsFood, supplements, water, and any indigestible or topical products should be properly formulated, manufactured, and stored to ensure optimal health and wellness.

3. Durable Construction — Bedding, toys, and training equipment should be durable to ensure safety as well as long life.

Bringing your pet indoors and making him/her a member of your family makes sense. It is safer, healthier, and promotes long term bonding with your pet. The most important conclusion is to give our dogs the best life we possibly can, keeping them safe, and lending to their long term health and happiness.

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We love to provide information to our families to support and increase optimal health of their puppies, as well as into adulthood increasing the longevity of their life!

The brand you feed is the most important decision you can make as a pet parent.

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