Water the Dog Hydration Safety Tips Wisteria Goldens Health ChecklistIn this blog post, Water the Dog, we are exploring several ways to ensure our dogs are well hydrated.

The importance of hydration for dogs is just as important as human hydration is. We give our dogs plenty of opportunities to drink water and let their bodies tell them when and how much. But there are other ways as well which become especially important to offer during times of high temperature or activity.

Three Ideas to Regularly Water the Dog

Hydration can be provided via internal (water bowl or frozen treats for dogs), or it can be provided via external ways such as bathing and swimming, or playing in the sprinklers.

  1. The water bowl is refilled to freshen it up often through the day. Especially if it is hot or we are engaged in an activity-filled day of training or playing. Carry water with you for yourself and for the dog when you are exercising, traveling in the car, or going for a long walk.
  2. Swimming, Bathing, or Playing in the Sprinklers (see this guide for Swimming Safety).
  3. Hydrating massage (fractionated coconut oil is refreshing and soothing).

Water Bottle For The Dog 

Water the dog is an all year round health plan. While we often think of summer as the only time to be aware of how much water our dog is being offered, the fact is watering the dog is a year-round health care topic. While we do ration food and treats (according to our dog’s weight maintenance plan) we will often offer more water than she needs (using all three of the ideas suggested above).

There are rare times when it would be possible to over water a dog. But, we are always mindful of the routine to ensure there are ample opportunities for our dogs to have hydration whenever their bodies want to drink and above and beyond that we offer external ways to hydrate them as well.

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