Cutting Board Snacks

Sharing Cutting Board Snacks with our dogs isn’t always a good idea but there are a few people snacks worth mentioning which are nutritious and beneficial for dogs. Moderation is a key factor.

We occasionally share cutting board snacks with our dogs for nutritional reasons as well as to provide a variety of nutritional sources for them.

Avoid sharing while you are eating. We generally share while we are preparing or during socialization training. For example, we may substitute an apple slice for a treat (once or twice) during a session.

Make the snacks bite size to reduce chances of choking. Make the bites sized to ‘fit’ your dog’s age and size as well.

2 Cutting Board Snacks for Dogs with Dental Hygiene Benefits

  1. Apples: Share a slice or two (without the core or seeds).
  2. Carrots: Cut into small chunks.

2 Snacks for Dogs with Regularity Benefits

  1. Oatmeal (a tablespoon of prepared oatmeal without toppings).
  2. Plain Yogurt (could be stirred into the oatmeal or alone).

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