Hi Debbie, Baxter is awesome! He ate and drank and responds well to ‘baited’ commands, exactly as you said. I let him roam around the house to get familiar with all the new surroundings. He went potty outside and then we came in an discovered the big basket of toys. He is a love! He follows me everywhere I go and give kisses for a treat. He has just fallen asleep in his new crate with a toy or two. Thank you again and Melissa for such great preparation. The entire experience was better than I could have imagined from start to welcoming Baxter to his new home. I will send pictures as soon as Baxter stays still for a minute! I’m in love already!

Warmest thanks,

P.S. Melissa and anyone who contributed to Baxter’s training did an awesome job – Baxter sits, shakes, rolls over, and is starting to sit at the front door when he needs to go outside for potty. Amazing. I have enrolled him (us) in a training course that starts later this month to continue what is an obvious great beginning. I wish I got two of them!

Update: Hi Debbie, Just wanted to update you on Baxter. He has completed 32 weeks of additional training since leaving Wisteria and this is one smart boy. He can pick toys based on color – when I tell him “get your red toy Baxter” (A Kong rubber toy) he picks it out of a basket with about 10-15 toys. When I tell him to bring me your rope (Booda Bone flossy rope toy) – he does the same. He will come when called from any distance and is perfectly behaved off leash. He does his “outside work” in the same place all the time for easy clean up and so he can have his whole big yard to run and play ball with me!

I have been educating airline pilots for many years and have been licensed by the Federal Government to train Professional Pilots. One of the pillars of education is “that which is learned first, is earned best”. I say this to emphasize the wonderful start of training Baxter received at Wisteria Ranch. I have continued to work with him for consistency and repetition. He can walk 50 yards where I have pre positioned treats and toys along the way…I stand at one end and he starts at the other. I call him to me and on the way- if he attempts to take a treat or grab a toy, I simply say “leave it” and he drops it immediately. He was at the top of his class and I am so honored to have him. He has made my house a home. Thank you again.

(can you believe Baxter will be 2 years old on 12/16/11? (Buddy/Rory litter of 12/16/09). I am so happy with Baxter – my never ending thanks to you all at Wisteria.

Kind Regards,
Baxter_04.12.10 012