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Previous Starter Trained Puppies on this page have been adopted and they are listed in the column corresponding to the year of their birth. They will be added here as soon as possible (after they are confirmed adopted and/or have been delivered to their forever family).

The photo gallery page is relatively new and the dedicated pages for starter trained puppies is new as well. In some cases (prior to Summer 2019) your puppy's photos may be only available on his/her litter page.

Puppy List

If you are looking for a photo gallery page, and do not find it on this list yet, they generally (unless duplicated names) are going to be on a page with the puppy's name in the URL. For example: Theo is located at and Jake is located at

List Order: This list is in date of birth order with the most recent birth at the top of the list for the year the puppy was born.

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Memphis 04/20/2019 #angel042019

Harley 04/09/2019 #sunny040919

Shiloh 04/09/2019 #sunny040919

Ranger 01/15/2019 #sailor011519

Cody Born 01/15/2019 #sailor011519

Jake Born 01/11/2019 #breeze011119

Ryder Born 01/10/2019 #marley011019


Theo Born 12/30/2018 #piper123018

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