Cats metabolize Essential Oils differentlyWhen we are asked, “Are Essential Oils Safe for Cats?” We answer “Please use a Hydrosol because Cats metabolize Essential Oils differently.”

Since we started our ‘Essential Oils for Dogs’ series we have been asked, by our Wisteria Goldens Families who also have cats, about this. We started investigating.

After doing some digging we discovered the online resources are conflicting, but one thing is consistent, Cats metabolize Essential Oils differently than dogs. When our research focused on that fact we discovered the potential risks. When essential oils are used with cats, without proper guidance, they can be harmful.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Cats?

Conclusion: Essential Oils can be harmful more often than not. Hydrosols (aromatic waters) are preferable to Essential Oils and safer for cats. Hydrosols are gentler and less concentrated while still containing the properties of essential oils. But, avoid the Essential Oils which are toxic to cats*. 

IMPORTANT: Cats metabolize Essential Oils differently. When you do use Essential Oils (for yourself or your pets) be sure to use the Highest Quality Essential Oils (contact me to learn more about the brand I choose and why), and when you are using with cats dilute to 1% (1 part EO per 99 parts Distilled Water).
*Must Read “Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals” by Kristen Leigh Bell, explores in depth the topic of pets and essential oils.