English Golden Retriever Puppy Developmental Program

Our English Cream Goldens are welcomed into the world in our state-of-the-art facility and raised indoors in their own “puppy room.” We have designed and built a facility set up to set a foundation for socialization and beginning the housebreaking process with access to and learning how to use the doggie door.  We have set up a “home environment” to raise our puppies with being around the TV, vacuum, children, and everyday household noises.  We have a playroom, living room, and kitchen & dining area for the puppies to roam and play.

Foundational Start Wisteria Goldens Facility

We begin our Developmental Puppy Program at Birth with our Foundational Start Program.

Foundational Start at Wisteria Ranch

Each Wisteria English Cream Golden Retriever puppy receives lots of love, attention, socialization and starts on the concept of training. It is important to us to provide the best care and give them an excellent foundational start. We have built a solid reputation for providing quality care and healthy puppies.

We use a puppy development program by Puppy Culture — a socialization and training program from the whelping box to go to their new homes and include our own experience for what works best for our breed and puppies.

Our routine is instrumental in giving each of our English Cream Golden puppies a great foundational start to become the best possible member of your family.

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Foundational Start Routine

Each week we introduce more concepts building upon the next one for growth and development.

Foundational Start Wisteria Goldens Brief Summary Graphic

Weeks 1 – 2 include being gently spoken to while being handled, cuddled, picked up, and turned over. We do Early Neurological Stimulation during this time, which helps to stimulate their immune system and develop a healthy startle/recovery process.

Week 3, the puppies are introduced to the grooming table and given “mock” grooming sessions. New toys are added to their whelping box daily to start the process of new novelty items.

Week 4, we open the doggy doors. This transition helps the mom teach them how to “go potty” outdoors, which helps make housetraining your English Cream Golden Retriever puppy easier. We provide crates in their sleeping area with the doors open to start the introduction process. Puppies are spending time in the playroom and new places.

Weeks 5 – 6, We start giving treats during this time. We have puppy time in the front yard (depending on weather), use the vacuum, and work with puppies on going potty outside. They also have time in our playroom with lots of interaction toys, Kuranda beds to climb upon, and crates to explore and hang out in.  We have a big screen TV that they also get to watch, switching between cartoons and fast action movies.

Week 7, we work with the collar and leash, as well as the concept of training using treats and manding, which is the puppies learning to sit in front of you when wanting something.

Week 8 is time to go to their forever home. We recommend each family continue with the socialization and training process and continue to build on the foundational start we have provided with your puppy.

Living in the country provides excellent benefits of giving the puppies plenty of room to play; however, exposing them to city noises does present a challenge. We start playing classical music at three weeks of age, gradually exposing them to soft, gentle sounds. We play environmental CDs at four weeks of age, exposing them to various sounds such as babies crying, trash trucks, airplanes, gunshots, fireworks, and many more. We have the TV and also play a variety of music.

We start using “Through A Dog’s Ear” CDs while the puppies are nursing, conditioning them to this music while engaging in something enjoyable and positive. When introducing them to the crate, play this music to help them associate it with something positive, eases them into the crate training process.

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Wisteria Goldens : English Cream Golden Retrievers

Our puppies are raised as part of our family, until they become part of yours!

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