puppy photo tips for getting a great shot. Guide for pet parents taking pictures of English Cream Golden Retriever PuppiesPuppy Photo Tips for Getting a Great Shot

This puppy photo tips page was created because we take lots of puppy photos around here and trying to get good ones can be challenging. I need to create a photo album of all the “outtakes.” When taking six-week pictures sometimes I have over 200 photos just to get 4 good pictures of 8 puppies! We have learned a few tricks for capturing good ones, but it does require a bit of patience, something that Billy has more of than me.

Taking pictures of English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies is even more challenging due to their coloring. If the sun is shining just right, the puppy’s coat can look washed out. If the flash goes off at the right angle, the puppy can look like it has “gold” on its coat and there is none to the eye.

Puppy Photo Tips

We have found taking the pictures in the shade or on a cloudy day the best lighting — early morning and evening works as well.

  1. Have a squeaky toy! This helps the puppy to “stop” for a moment with their ears perked up.
  2. Set your camera on “action” shot.
  3. It takes two people — one to set the puppy, one to take the picture. If you are doing it alone, plan on extra time to just “hang” out so that you can catch the puppy exploring, squeak a toy and be ready to take the picture.
  4. “Throwing” a white cloth up helps to distract, but be ready to take the picture.

Different things work for different puppies (just like taking photos of our children). Some immediately run to play, when using the squeaky toy, instead of stopping. So, experiment. Different noises also work — the “Shhh” sound also works well.

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We’ve been talking about video taping Heather, Billy, and I taking pictures of the puppies — now that would make some funny entertainment.

Happy Picture Taking!

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