All of our dogs have champion bloodlines and are a registered AKC Golden Retriever.

Our English Golden Retrievers (also known as English Cream Golden Retrievers) are raised on our 15 acre ranch. They have a “Golden Pond” that was built just for them and field areas to run, romp, and play! We are very proud of our English Cream Golden Retrievers and the quality home and life we provide for them.

Swimming is a great non-weight bearing exercise for English Golden Retrievers. This increases their muscle tone to help prevent hip dysplasia. Maintaining proper weight, feeding high quality food, proper exercise, not allowing puppies to jump off high places, slide on slippery floors, etc. will help to support and nurture growing bones of your English Cream Golden Retriever. While hip dysplasia is a genetic disorder, more research has been showing that environmental situations can cause and contribute to possibility of developing this condition.

Wisteria Goldens are loving, loyal, intelligent, and affectionate – the “true” qualities of the English Cream Golden Retriever!

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