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//Achievements Showcase

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Achievements ShowcaseEnglish Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Achievements

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Achievements is where Happy Families tell us about their Wisteria Goldens puppy’s Achievements (In-Training progress, awards, certifications, community service, or special achievements).

To submit an update fill out the form here and then, we will add your puppy’s update to our website and to our Facebook Community Album. We need their Name (Mother/Father), picture, and a description. Also include any achievements, training program(s) progress, and/or certification title(s). We’d love to hear about any daily delights as well and will post those on the Happy Families page and on our Facebook Community.

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Achievement Showcase Bailey (Honor/Thor)

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Achievements Showcase Bailey Certified Good Citizen and Service DogBailey (Honor/Thor) #Honor011913

Bailey, my service dog and AKC CGC certified boy. Both Bailey and Breva are awesome and I am blessed each day for having them as a member of my family.

This is Wisteria Irish Cream of Ozland – “Bailey”. He is the son of Thor and Honor, born on January 19, 2013. This amazing puppy, earned his first A+ (perfect score) for Basic Obedience at age 5 months (they accepted him early). He did so well, they accepted him into the Canine […]