Wisteria Tails Highlights 06-30-2018

  • Arya (Sailor/Ego) Update,
  • Current Litters have new pictures,
  • Happy Families / Achivements Showcase update, and
  • We are preparing for upcoming litters.
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Wisteria Tails Highlights 06-09-2018
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Hello, Everyone!

Where has the time gone? We're already half way through 2018.  We've been making changes to the website, working with Piper and Sailor's puppies, making preparations for upcoming litters, and the list continues…

We've wanted to create a logo for Wisteria Goldens for a while and finally got it done.  We were only going to do some color changes on the website to match the new logo and discovered some issues with our website theme and the inability to make some changes we wanted to.  This meant a new theme, new layout, tweaking, fixing broken links (still working on that) etc.  What was supposed to be a small addition ended up being a big project.  What do you think about our new look? www.wisteriagoldens.com 

We have 4 week pictures posted on the website of Piper's puppies and did a quick video this week of them playing with the toy gym: You can watch the video on our website here.

Sailor's 3 week pictures are posted on the website here: Sailor Litter Born 06-05-2018

We tested 3 more young adults this week for hearts, hips, and elbows.  They all came back with GREAT hip scores, clear elbows, and hearts.  We are so excited.  We will be introducing our girl Raven (Sunny/Tahoe) and Harper (Piper/Ego) this fall/winter.

Keeva is a Piper/Ego girl that is our daughter Heather's dog.  I had kept her for our breeding program.  Our grandsons came to visit one weekend and decided she needed to be theirs and of course, took her home with them.  She recently passed her Canine Good Citizen test.  We will get her on the website soon.

Do you have a Wisteria Golden puppy that is in training or has passed the AKC Star Puppy, Canine Good CitizenTherapy Certification or is a Service Dog?  We would like to start a page on our website showcasing their achievement.  We would need their name, picture, description, and certification title.  Click here to provide your puppy's information.

We are planning on getting back to doing more research and blog posts in the near future.  It seems that other things have taken priority this past year, but have it on our new schedule to make it happen more frequently.

I LOVE the new superhero picture we received of Arya (Sailor/Ego) from their family.  Thought you would enjoy it too:

Wisteria Tails Highlights 06-30-2018 Happy Families Updates Arya

Until next time,
Billy and Debbie

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We update English Cream Golden Retriever puppy availability periodically on our website. For the most current availability click here to contact me.

Current, Upcoming, and Planned Litters

Current Litters 

Piper/Ego – Litter Born 05/29/2018. 3 Girls and 5 Boys. All puppies are spoken for. Click here to see available pictures.

Sailor/Ego – Litter Born 06/05/2018. 1 girl and 8 boys. Currently the female is spoken for and we have 4th pick male available. Click here to see available pictures.

Upcoming Litters

Jazz/Chance – Litter Due 07/30/2018. Currently female deposits are full and male deposits are full.

Promise/Ego – Litter Due 08/08/2018. Currently we have 2nd pick female and 1st pick male available.

Sunny/Tahoe – Litter Due 08/10/2018. Currently female deposits are full and we have 3rd pick male available.

Angel/Chance – Litter Due 08/12/2018. Currently female deposits are full and we have 1st pick male available.

2018 Summer Planned Litters

Brighton/Chance – Currently we have 2nd pick female and 1st pick male available.

Trained Puppies
Currently we have no trained puppies available.

Adult Dog for Sale
Currently we have no adult dogs available.

If you would like to place a deposit on an upcoming or planned litter contact me.

Community & Showcases

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