We Personalize Your Puppy's Training

Each family has a different priority when it comes to training and we want to focus on what the most important commands are for you. In order to meet your needs, please fill out the following questionnaire for us, so we can personalize your puppy’s training program.

Our Goals

Our goals are to get your puppy on a routine for housetraining, sleeping in the crate all night, and teaching the following commands:

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. Recall (Right Here/Come)
  4. Off (not to jump on you)
  5. Wait (at the door)
  6. Loose leash walking

We use the following commands in working with your puppy: Let’s Go, Right Here, This Way, Kennel

While puppies will be doing great here before they leave, there is often a transition period, where the puppy can have a set back (which is typically short-lived) while adjusting to their new home.

In order for us to meet your expectations, we feel it is important to remind you that each puppy learns at a different pace. Some puppies learn quickly and can be solid and consistent on basic commands – sit, down, wait, and walking on a leash… with our 4 weeks Puppy Prep Academy Program. Others, will know the commands, yet not be consistent 100% of the time.

  • Puppy Training Questionnaire

    Five Questions.
  • In our training program we use the ex-pen/crate combination. We start off shutting the crate at night, until they are trustworthy. Will you only be using a crate or will you use the ex-pen/crate combination in your home?
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Thank you!

We will personally reviewing the answers to your Training Questionnaire so we can best personalize your puppy's training program. Find out more about Starter Training here: Trained Puppies. Contact us if you would like more information: Contact Us.

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