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Therapy Dog Community

This is our community for Wisteria Goldens dogs who are registered as a Service, Therapy, or Emotional Support dog.

Our Wisteria Goldens  Therapy Dog Community Application

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Therapy Dog Community Members

Therapy Dog — Service Dog — Emotional Support Dog

Bailey Service Dog

Bailey Honor Thor English Cream Golden Retriever therapy Dog

Bailey has achieved AKC Canine Good Citizen, and he is a Service Dog. This is Wisteria Irish Cream of Ozland – “Bailey”.

Read more about Bailey here: Bailey (Honor/Thor)

Bailey (Honor/Thor) 01/19/2013 #honor011913 – Service Dog/Canine Good Citizen (AKC CGC) – Kansas

Parker – Certified Medical Therapy Dog
Parker Angel Chance Therapy Dog

Parker is a certified medical therapy dog at St. Luke’s in McCall where we try to add a bit of sunshine to patients,staff, nurses and doctors day.

Read more about Parker here: Parker (Angel/Chance)

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