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Finn (Piper/Ego)

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Finn English Cream Golden Retriever puppy update happy families Wisteria Goldens
From when we first picked him up in Dallas 3weeks ago, Finn has proven to be a wonderful addition to our family. He has tremendous personality and is a quick learner. Finn is a superstar in the crate at night ( thanks to all at Wisteria who started that process). He has done very well learning “sit” and “down”, knows the word “outside”, and is coming along nicely with leash walking. Finn loves to play outside (although he's a little too interested […]

Letters From Forever Families

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Letters From Forever Families testimonials from Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever puppy ownersWe are always delighted to hear from and share with you about our Wisteria Goldens forever home families. These are a few of the most recent submissions.

Letters From Forever Families

Click on the puppy's name or on the photo to visit the testimonial letters. Click on the “Previous Puppy Gallery” link (below each photo) to see archives of each litter's pictures. Some picture collections (most current – 2015 forward) will have puppy pictures from Newborn up to 6 weeks saved […]

Sammie (Honor/Thor)

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Sammie (Honor/Thor) We absolutely love her!! She's very smart and a quick learner-

Hey Debbie,

Just wanted to give you an update on Sammie since I would love for you to know how she's doing.

We absolutely love her!! She's very smart and a quick learner- she's learned all her basics and even rings a bell to go potty(on a leash of course). We are training her to retrieve ducks which takes work but she gets so happy when she does it. Sammie loves to swim and […]

Thank You We Love Her (Sunny/Ego)

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Testimonial Orange Girl Sunny Ego Litter born 6-04-2015 Wisteria GoldensHi Debbie,

Hope you are having a good August & summer.
I've been meaning to write you to say “Thank You!”

Thank you for all the hard work, logistics, communications and special touches, you made our new puppy experience second to none. She is awesome .. so smart, very good, and absolutely beautiful! She has adjusted so easily to our home & family. Her 1st vet visit with us was last week & she is now weighs 14 lbs, they adored her at the vet […]