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Achievement Showcase Bailey (Honor/Thor)

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Achievements Showcase Bailey Certified Good Citizen and Service DogBailey (Honor/Thor) #Honor011913

Bailey, my service dog and AKC CGC certified boy. Both Bailey and Breva are awesome and I am blessed each day for having them as a member of my family.

This is Wisteria Irish Cream of Ozland – “Bailey”. He is the son of Thor and Honor, born on January 19, 2013. This amazing puppy, earned his first A+ (perfect score) for Basic Obedience at age 5 months (they accepted him early). He did so well, they accepted him into the Canine […]

Brie (Zoey/Harley)

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Eight Weeks (Purple Girl) Comparison to Brie Now. She is now Six Years Eight Months!

Brie (Zoey/Harley) #zoey072813 Purple Girl at Eight Weeks Brie (Zoey/Harley) #zoey072813 Purple Girl at Eight Weeks (click here to see the Previous Puppy Gallery)

Brie (Zoey/Harley) #zoey072813 Purple Girl at Six Years 8 Months Brie (Zoey/Harley) #zoey072813 Purple Girl at Six Years 8 Months

Brie is going to be seven this year! She’s still the sweetest pup we’ve ever met! She is always eager to please everyone! With the […]

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