Wisteria Goldens Important Web Scam Alert Wisteria Goldens Important Web Scam Alert

5-30-2017 UPDATE:

We have received confirmation that the abusive website (pretending to be us) has been suspended by the registrar of the domain. We are going to be keeping a closer lookout for anything resembling this kind of activity again. Thanks again to the people who reached out to us when they saw red flags.

Please¬†continue to be cautious about any online transactions that don’t seem to be authentic.¬†

05-21-2017 Original Post:

Hello, Everyone!

We are posting this Wisteria Goldens Important Web Scam Alert because it has come to our attention that someone else is using our names, our “About Us” story, and other information from our website. We are taking action quickly and hope to have them removed before they cause any families heartache. They are saying they are us and they are claiming to be selling puppies.

We are communicating with the Registrar and finding other entities to have the website removed. The website and its registrar are apparently located in Panama City, Panama.

We’ll follow up in our next newsletter. In the meantime please share this with anyone you know who might be looking for us and may happen to stumble upon the fake site. We’re hoping no one has (or will) mistakenly think they are us. That would be heartbreaking.

Billy and Debbie

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