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Answers To Common Nutritional Questions For Dogs


The research I've done is in regard to Golden Retrievers, as well as the quality of ingredients and where the dog food is manufactured (which does make a difference.)  Large breed dogs do have different needs and requirements vs small breed dogs.  Dogs that are used in sportsman activities, agility competitions etc…also have different nutritional requirements.

Dogs are also like humans and some have faster metabolisms than others and require higher amounts of food.  Dog food bags have “recommended” feeding amounts.  They are guidelines and your individual dog may need more or less food to maintain a healthy weight.

Part of the different varieties within the brands is marketing and the demands of the customers vs the nutritional needs of the dog.  Bottom line is Goldens […]

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Featured This Month at Wisteria Goldens


Featured This Month Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever puppies for sale, featured articles, resources, information, training guides, health, and moreWe are gathering a Featured This Month collection to help you find seasonal information as well as the most important content on our website. This page will be updated periodically to add new pages, resources, and information. Bookmark and share. We'd love to hear what information you would like showcased here.

We've added a Puppy Training Guide List to this page as well! Now you can find all of our training guides in alphabetical order and it is automatically updated when we add new training guides.

Featured Pages

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Good Citizen


Good CitizenThis page is about the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) Program (an overview and resources). 

A Good Citizen: Find out more about a Good Citizen (and other program titles), Where to find Training/Testing, and how the process of developing ‘Title” skills benefits you and your dog.

The AKC offers a list of AKC Clubs which provide training classes and testing for programs designed to improve and reward you and your dog for developing skills.

Program Titles

The training and testing (varied by a specific program) span skills and behaviors which could earn the […]

Good Citizen2018-01-16T09:49:40-05:00

Vaccine Recommendations


Vaccine Recommendations Wisteria GoldensVaccine recommendations vary from vet to vet.  Some of the differences are due to the environment in which the puppy lives in, state and county laws, and what education the veterinarian received.  It can be confusing as to which vaccines are actually needed, which ones are considered safe, and when to get boosters.

Just like the controversy with our children and vaccines, there are the same with puppies/dogs.  If you research vaccines for canines, there are many articles that state that vaccines are causing tumors at the location of where the shot was given, and other cancers are linked to the ingredients in the vaccine itself.

The most important vaccines required for the most conservative holistic approach is distemper, parvovirus, and Rabies.

Vaccine Recommendations

The following three are […]

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Cats metabolize Essential Oils differently


Cats metabolize Essential Oils differentlyWhen we are asked, “Are Essential Oils Safe for Cats?” We answer “Please use a Hydrosol because Cats metabolize Essential Oils differently.”

Since we started our ‘Essential Oils for Dogs' series we have been asked, by our Wisteria Goldens Families who also have cats, about this. We started investigating.

After doing some digging we discovered the online resources are conflicting, but one thing is consistent, Cats metabolize Essential Oils differently than dogs. When our research focused on that fact we discovered the potential risks. When essential oils are used with cats, without proper guidance, they can be harmful.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Cats?

Conclusion: Essential Oils can be harmful more often than not. Hydrosols (aromatic waters) are preferable to Essential Oils and safer for cats. Hydrosols are gentler and […]

Cats metabolize Essential Oils differently2017-04-14T12:38:41-05:00

Cedarwood Essential Oil


cedarwood essential oil. essential oils support dogs naturally series. Flea Treatment recips guide cedarwoodCedarwood Essential Oil is one of our updates to the Essential Oils Support Dogs Naturally series.

Flea Treatment Mist Recipe – Cedarwood Essential Oil

This treatment will repel live fleas. Use again in 7-10 days to ensure you have treated any new fleas which may have hatched.

You'll need

  • a glass (or BPA Free plastic) mist container
  • 1 quart distilled water
  • 3 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil


  • Mix water and essential oil together gently.
  • Mist on your dog and brush gently to distribute evenly.
  • Mist on unwashable items

Keep in a dark cool place. Swirl to remix again each time you use it (the oil and water may separate).

After You Treat

Vacuum anywhere your […]

Cedarwood Essential Oil2017-04-14T09:02:54-05:00

Harness Buying Guide


Harness Buying GuideThis Harness Buying Guide will explore a few areas to consider when you are shopping for a dog harness. You’ll find Harness Styles, Sizing Variations, and recommended rating and reviews for online shopping.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin Leash and Harness use on a routine basis be sure to:

  1. Ensure proper fit,
  2. Socialize your pet with the harness (gradually increasing the time you spend wearing the harness) , and
  3. Use positive reinforcement practice/training so you are both familiar with the behaviors before the longer walk or exercise routine.

Harness Styles

There are a few styles to choose from. The most comfortable and safe choice for large breed dogs or puppies is a “No Pull” style.

  1. A halter will usually include straps around the top of the front legs and […]
Harness Buying Guide2017-03-28T08:54:55-05:00

Serenity – Anxiety Support Diffuser


Serenity - Anxiety Support DiffuserThis Restful Blend combines a select group of powerful, therapeutic quality essential oils to help calm and relax when stressful feelings arise. Serenity – Anxiety Support Diffuser provides the environment with a relaxing calming blend of essential oil essences.

Serenity – Anxiety Support Diffuser

  • Put three – five drops in your diffuser with distilled water.
  • Place the diffuser in the room where your dog's kennel is or the room your dog retreats to when feeling overwhelmed due to loud noises for example.

Find out more about how Essential Oils Support Dogs Naturally Essential Oils for Dogs

Explore Related Topics on our Blog

Serenity – Anxiety Support Diffuser2017-03-23T18:00:07-05:00

Dog Walk Run Safety Guide


dog walk run safety guide - SailorThis article will explore the basics of a Walk Run Safety routine. Warming up, distance, preparation, commands, and the leader's (you or your dog walker service) responsibilities. It is important to review the sections as they apply to your dog. If you have a dog walker/runner taking your dog for walks ask about these areas of care and how the service addresses each of them.

The safety of our pets is paramount. Health is important, exercise is part of a healthy pet's lifestyle, and large breed dogs normally will need more exercise than small breed dogs.

Dog Walk Run Safety — Running and Walking Warm Up

Dogs need exercise. Large breed dogs need to be walked routinely. When a dog is in top form […]

Dog Walk Run Safety Guide2017-03-21T10:58:44-05:00
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