5 Books Every Puppy Owner


5 Books every puppy owner needsIf a puppy owner was stranded on an island… We believe these are the 5 books every puppy owner needs.

Kidding aside, we have been gathering resources for English Cream Golden Retriever puppy and dog owners for many years. We share our experiences and our tips on training, nutrition, transitions, essential oils, and the bonds we build with our Wisteria Goldens' families. […]

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Pet Health Insurance


Pet Health Insurance
Pet insurance has had an average annual growth rate of about 13.2% since 2009. Some breeders require new puppy owners to carry pet insurance for the first two years. Recently, I have been having more families ask me about it and if it is worth it.   When registering your puppy with the American Kennel Club (AKC) they provide a Pet Insurance Gift Certificate.  This certificate must be activated but is good for 30 days.  You can find the details here: AKC Pet Insurance Certificate Activation  […]

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Pet Microchip Information


Pet Microchip Information how to keep your pet's records up-to-date to ensure if lost a speedy return homeA Microchip is a way to identify your pet if they are lost. The most important aspect of using a microchip is to ensure the information in the database is up-to-date at all times. This provides anyone who finds your pet easy access to contacting you so they can reunite you with your pet as soon as possible.  […]

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