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Teething Puppy Training Guide


teething puppyPuppies are born without teeth. Their baby teeth will gradually come in, they will gradually lose them as their permanent teeth come in. Similar to a human baby but, the process takes a bit less time. The timeline varies. […]

Teething Puppy Training Guide2017-02-23T08:59:10-05:00

House Training Guide


Puppy House Training GuidePuppies are most easily house trained when we take the lead, prevent accidents (by close observation and limited roaming), and praise for positive behaviors. The most common error in house training is the belief a punishment for accidents is effective. […]

House Training Guide2017-02-21T08:55:34-05:00

Ramp Training Guide Socialization Exercise Step by Step



Ramp Training Guide Socialization Exercise Step by StepRamp Training Guide Socialization Exercise Step by Step

The training tips in Ramp Training Guide Socialization Exercise Step by Step are designed to allow your pet to become comfortable with an incline as well as the ramp. This is suited for puppies over 10 weeks old and dogs of any age.

Ramps are good for a dog who:

1) Needs assistance climbing steps,

2) Is in training for obstacle courses, or

3) Needs assistance getting in and out of vehicles (the back of an SUV for example).

Ramp Training Guide Safety

Make sure the ramp is secure before prompting the dog to get on it. Read all instructions. Check the ramp each time you begin training to ensure no foreign objects are present and the […]

Ramp Training Guide Socialization Exercise Step by Step2016-12-15T15:53:44-05:00

Training Playtime


Training PlaytimeTraining, socialization, and positive experiences can all be incorporated into a puppy’s training playtime. Playtime is an important part of your puppy’s routine. It is important to be mindful of the training tips even while playing.

Playtime is a great time to show consistency in positive training. Socialization skills she has learned will begin to blossom during playtime as well.

Training Playtime and Socialization

Playtime is more casual than training time yet it is a perfect time to introduce socialization skills which expand your puppies experiences through touch (texture, toys, and people), sound (clicker, music, or toys), as well as other new experiences for her senses.

Introduce one new experience at a time and be watchful for her reaction. The main thing (as discussed in other socialization posts) is […]

Training Playtime2016-09-09T19:21:34-05:00

Service Dogs Selection Training and Communication


service dog selection training and communicationThe difference between a service dog and a companion dog is primarily training. A companion dog can potentially have only a basic training background. He or she will have a natural ability to be a companion, friend, and help with small daily tasks.

A service dog will have specialized training for the job he or she is assigned. The variety of service dog training options has become as varied as people who need them.

Service Dog Checklist

When you need a service dog the important things to remember are:

  • Select a dog with a natural ability to learn the skills he will need to perform the job.

For many service dog jobs golden retrievers are used because […]

Service Dogs Selection Training and Communication2016-07-08T06:19:04-05:00

Puppy Training


Puppy TrainingToday we are sharing the improved update of our Puppy Training Guide Listing

This is a list of the Puppy Training Guides we have published on Wisteria Goldens’ Blog. The Listing page will provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to transition your puppy from Wisteria Ranch to your Forever Home, Nutrition, Socialization, Playtime, Training, Travel, Memories (Journal), and Health Care.

Puppy Training Guides

The list also includes some of our most popular Blog posts about caring for your dog as well. You’ll find a variety of topics like these popular guides.

Bringing Home New Puppy Transition Tips (preparation and welcoming your puppy to their Forever Home).

Puppy Love Head to Toe (a massage guide).

Puppy Photos — Tips for Getting a […]

Puppy Training2016-06-17T08:05:46-05:00

Summer Dog Health Training Tips


Mr. Tom Cat is a big help around here playing and interacting with puppies.  He is usually close by whenever they are out to play.  He is 16 years old and slowing down a bit, but still loves to be around the puppies.Today we are gathering a list of blog posts to use as a guide to Summer Dog Health Training Tips. These are previously published topics we would like to have an easy guide to revisit or share for the first time with our new families.

Let us know if there are other topics you would like added to this list for easy reference.

Summer Dog Health Training Tips

  1. Pet Parents Guide […]
Summer Dog Health Training Tips2017-09-22T13:57:44-05:00

Pet Parent Guidance Practice l A New Baby Is Arriving l Dog Training Tips


Pet Parent Practice new baby is arriving a dog training by wisteria goldensThis is a guide to help Pet Parents prepare for a new baby in the home or small children visiting. Over the years, we have had opportunities to introduce new babies and children to our dogs.

This article is a summary of how to provide Pet Parent Guidance to your dog before and after introducing her to a new member of the family or a visitor. Preparation for new experiences is the foundation of Socialization Training. If you are aware of a new baby or child arriving plan ahead and practice with your dog so he is aware of the behavior which will please you when the baby arrives.

Pet Parent Guidance Practice

This is a list […]

Pet Parent Guidance Practice l A New Baby Is Arriving l Dog Training Tips2016-03-07T22:59:42-05:00

14 Basic On Cue Behaviors List Dog Training Commands


On Cue Communication Development 14 Basic Behaviors Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever Dog Training Getting Lifestyle Right seriesThis is 14 Basic On Cue Behaviors List of Dog Training Commands you can incorporate into your training practice sessions with your dog. Remember to use the gradual process discussed in our previous post (On Cue Communication Development for Dog Training) to gradually build understanding. Watch for each of these behaviors and respond at the level of training you are currently practicing (Examples: Clicker, Reward, Verbal Command, Hand or Body Signals (motion), and/or Eye Moment).

These 14 Basic On Cue Behaviors commonly naturally accrue during your day.  If they don’t you may eventually need to lure your dog into a situation to practice them. The “Let’s Socialize […]

14 Basic On Cue Behaviors List Dog Training Commands2016-02-08T11:30:36-05:00

On Cue Communication Development for Dog Training


On Cue Communication Development Training Approach Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever Dog Training Getting Lifestyle Right seriesOur Dogs develop an ability to respond on cue when we have taught them what each of the cues mean. Dog training would be better referred to as Communication Training as the quality of the relationship and communication skills we have with our dogs becomes most evident when we are attempting to direct them.

The following are basic cues. As we discussed in our previous post (“Teach Your Dog the “Down” Command”) beginning is a process of watching for behaviors you want and teaching the cue when you see the behavior. For example:

Scenario: You have been watching your dog playing for awhile, but, now she is lying down. Depending […]

On Cue Communication Development for Dog Training2017-07-22T16:31:43-05:00
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