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Winter Puppy Care


Useful Tips for Winter Puppy Care Video with Dr SarahWinter Puppy Care with Dr. Sarah explains how a puppy (of any breed) maybe less tolerant of cold temperatures than adult dogs. Dr. Sarah's Winter Puppy Care video is comprehensive giving you tips about exercise, calories, house training, how to prevent hypothermia, and tips to act quickly if you notice signs of shivering.

Take a look at this video on Dr Sarah's blog and jot down the details so you are prepared to address potential problems during winter months.

Dr Sarah Winter Puppy Care

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Winter Hiking Tips with Dr Sarah


Winter Hiking Tips with Dr Sarah

Winter Hiking Tips with Dr Sarah provides a guide for us to take our dogs out safely and prepared. She provides tips for keeping your dog safe, hydrated, and socialized to the unique environment of winter hiking.

Being visible to other hikers, foot care (and boot options), and safety during hunting season. Dr Sarah's video provides informative information and ideas to keep both of you safe and mobile even during the winter months.

Winter Hiking Tips with Dr Sarah

Click here to watch the Winter Hiking Tips video on Pet Talk with Dr Sarah

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Exercising During Winter for Your Dog


Exercising During Winter for Dogs with Dr SarahExercising During Winter for your Dog provides safe activity tips. We all realize it becomes less convenient to exercise during the colder months of the year. Depending on where you live this can be a situation requiring careful planning so you and your pet are safe.

Dr Sarah discusses how to give your dog outdoor activity to use up the pent up energy and get much needed exercise.

These are great tips to have safe outings with your dog in the winter as well as indoor activities which will give your dog an outlet for pent up energy.

Watch the video at Helpful Tips on Canine Winter Exercise

Exercising During Winter for Dogs with [...]
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Winter Tips


winter tips with dr sarahWinter Tips with Dr Sarah discuss special precautions to take to keep your pets safe in winter. These include weather related toxins which are in the outdoors as well as in your home or garage.

Take care to discover common concerns for pet parents in the winter months. Contact local road and city maintenance offices for information about local concerns for pets. Local pet care, your veterinarian, and online resources are also good places to start when you would like to have local information.

Your veterinarian will have most current health and safety concern information or resources for your local area.

Watch Winter Tips with Dr Sarah Video 

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Wisteria Tails Highlights 01-07-2017


Wisteria Tails Highlights 01-07-2017This week in our Wisteria Tails Highlights 01-07-2017

This week, in our Wisteria Tails Highlights 01-07-2017, Newsletter/Digest 

  • ✔– 3 Week Pictures!
  • ✔– Availability Updates!
  • ✔– Planned Litters!
  • ✔– Winter Care.
  • ✔– Popular Post: Aromatic Essential Oil Test
#wisteriatails #englishcreamgoldenretriever #puppiesforsale #WisteriaGoldens  #Piperlitter #Halolitter #BreezeLitter

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 Hello, Everyone!

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a fabulous week to start the New Year.  The past month was definitely […]

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Wisteria Tails Highlights 06-30-2018


Wisteria Tails Highlights 06-30-2018

  • Arya (Sailor/Ego) Update,
  • Current Litters have new pictures,
  • Happy Families / Achivements Showcase update, and
  • We are preparing for upcoming litters.
#wisteriatails #englishgoldenretriever #puppiesforsale #BREDwithHEART #WisteriaGoldens #June2018Cover  #upcomingLitters #PlannedLitters
Wisteria Tails Highlights 06-09-2018
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Hello, Everyone!

Where has the time gone? We're already half way through 2018.  We've been making changes to the website, working with Piper and Sailor's puppies, making preparations for upcoming litters, and the list continues…

We've wanted to create a logo for Wisteria Goldens for a while and finally got it done.  We were only going to do some color changes on the website to match the new logo and […]

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Welcome to Wisteria Goldens


Wisteria Goldens focuses on raising quality and healthy English Golden Retriever puppies. We have had Golden Retrievers for many years, but found and fell in love with the English Golden Retrievers in 2004.  This page and our website include more about Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies.

On our website you will find information about us as Golden Retriever Breeders, pictures of our adult English Cream Golden Retrievers, current litter of English Golden Retriever puppies (also known as English Cream Golden Retriever) and their availability, upcoming anticipated litters, our contract and guarantee, information for new owners, and how to contact us for purchasing your own Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever puppy!

All puppies $2750, plus $425 […]

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Wisteria Tails Highlights 12-09-2017


Wisteria Tails Highlights 12-09-2017 Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever Newsletter Online VersionThis week in our Wisteria Tails Highlights 12-09-2017

Newsletter/Digest Online Version

– Jazz/Ego Litter Born & Newborn Pictures,
– Sailor/Chance Litter Three Week Pictures, 
– New Co-Managers Getting Settled In, and
 My Surgery is Scheduled for Spring 2018!
#wisteriatails #englishcreamgoldenretriever #puppiesforsale #TrainedPuppyForSale #AdultDogForSale #BREDwithHEART #WisteriaGoldens #SunnyLitter #December2017Cover  #upcomingLitters #PlannedLitters #EgoLitter  #SailorLitter #ChanceLitter #AngelLitter #JazzLitter

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Wisteria Tails Highlights 11-04-2017


Wisteria Tails Highlights 11-04-2017This week in our Wisteria Tails Highlights 11-04-2017

Newsletter/Digest Online Version

– Piper Litter Five Week Pictures and Video,
– Newest Team Member on the Ranch, and
 Revised Planned Litter.
#wisteriatails #englishcreamgoldenretriever #puppiesforsale #BREDwithHEART #WisteriaGoldens #BreezeLitter #November2017Cover  #upcomingLitters #PlannedLitters #PiperLitter #EgoLitter  #SailorLitter #ChanceLitter #AngelLitter #JazzLitter

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Wisteria Tails Highlights 10-07-2017


 Wisteria Tails Highlights 10-07-2017This week in our Wisteria Tails Highlights 10-07-2017

Newsletter/Digest Online Version

– Piper Litter Newborn Pictures,
– Heartbreaking news, and
– Jazz Litter due date.
#wisteriatails #englishcreamgoldenretriever #puppiesforsale #BREDwithHEART #WisteriaGoldens #BreezeLitter #October2017Cover  #upcomingLitters #PlannedLitters #PiperLitter #EgoLitter  #SailorLitter #ChanceLitter #AngelLitter #JazzLitter

Wisteria Tails […]

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