Rose and Radar - Happy Families – Update Rose Trinity/Rocky #trinity032021 – Radar Sailor-Chance #sailor111717

Uncle Radar #sailor111717 on the left – Rose #trinity032021 on the right

Rose and Radar

Rose (Trinity/Rocky) is 1 year old and loving life with her Uncle Radar (Sailor/Chance).

Time flies when your having fun. “Happy 1st Birthday Rose”.💜 Rose & Radar make us happy everyday.

We love our fur babies and they are definitely part of our family.

Happy Families – Update  – Rose Trinity/Rocky #trinity032021  – Radar Sailor-Chance #sailor111717

Images provided by Wisteria Goldens Families for our Happy Families Updates.

radar and rose

Radar on the left – Rose on the right

Another cute picture of Radar & Rose. Rose is 1 year old and loves her Uncle Radar. Radar is 4 years old.

They are best buds💕 Radar is on the left & Rose on the right in this picture.

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