PearlPearl & Lizzie Family Update (Brea/Theo Litter Born 04-05-2021)

Pearl and Lizzie are 13 weeks old and growing! On their last vet visit they weighed in at 24 and 23 pounds. Lizzie started out being the quieter one but she has come into her own.. Often when the pups play, she calls the shots. She’s our digger and our pup that just looks at you and continues what she’s doing. Pearl, on the other hand, loves to be loved and comes running! Everyone that meets the girls will pick a favorite and then change their mind several times. Our grandchildren are learning to speak firmly, with a “teacher” voice that the pups take seriously. We have had success with this approach. Our 16 month old has a new favorite word around them-“No!” All three kids are choosing higher seats at the counter vs the kitchen table!

04-05-2021 Brea/Theo #brea040521