Belle (Sailor/Ego) #sailor060518Belle (Sailor/Ego) Litter Born 06-05-2018

Belle was the 1 sweet girl in her litter who had to deal with 8 brothers! Our lives have been forever changed since we got her. Everyone compliments her incredible temperament and sweet, calm demeanor. She greets and loves anyone she comes into contact with, and there’s just something about her that makes people feel really good and brings a guaranteed smile to everyone’s face. Kisses are given when she’s in the mood, so you always know she means it when she’s willing to give them out.

She’s affectionate but needs her space sometimes, but if she’s tired she’ll snug until the sun comes up. On long car rides, she’ll lean forward from the backseat and rest her head on our shoulders. She doesn’t bark unless there’s something she absolutely needs to say. Her ability to pay attention while playing fetch is remarkable, and she loves to get in the ocean as well as jump in our salt water pool! Here’s a photo of Belle helping my mom blow out her birthday candles. Just an incredible pup and we sincerely couldn’t be happier. You all put so much into your pups and it truly shows.

Belle (Sailor/Ego) #sailor060518

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