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I've received several emails asking about TLC Dog Food and/or Life's Abundance since the newsletter.

  • Both of these brands of food are safe and good for your puppy/dog.  They are not included in the warning.
  • GRAIN-FREE varieties and the 16 brands in the FDA report (which are grain-free) are the only ones you need to be concerned with.

We were unaware that the link in the newsletter wasn't working properly. So, here is that link again CBS News 16 Dog Food Brands

The Safe Food Brands We Recommend

TLC is NOT a grain-free food. It also has 3 sources of protein (for a balanced nutritional whole life recipe) and does not include the ingredients of concern listed in the FDA report. Read more about TLC Ingredients here .

Life's Abundance has both types of food (with grain and grain-free). The significant difference is Life's Abundance didn't just remove the grain! They developed a  ‘balanced' grain-free formula which has nutritionally addressed the problems other food brands are having. This is a good article with a balanced approach explained, read more here.

Billy, Debbie, Heather, and the Wisteria Goldens Team.

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